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  1. yeah I don’t understand why these mental midgets can’t pick up on that very simple and obvious fact.
  2. now, see, you’re missing the point.
  3. I thought auburn was alabama tech.
  4. comments on twizzler saying those lanes are always empty because they’re so expensive. what’s the toll?
  5. if memory serves you are just under the age range for having witnessed jake the snake pull shit out of his ass. plummer was clutch.
  6. the quarterback touches the ball on every play. he literally influences everything that happens on that side of the ball. dak fucking sucks, one of the worst starting quarterbacks in football and absolutely the most overpaid player in professional sports by a laughably wide margin. any number of quarterbacks could have gotten more from our running game than he did. any number of quarterbacks could have had significant postseason success with our roster.
  7. we invite you to not only not post here again, but stop perusing the thread in our estimation.
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