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  1. you didn’t know I was born in russia?
  2. hadn’t thought about that but yeah, damn, that’s interesting.
  3. are you making a joke that I may have missed?
  4. she got fucking hot as shit. at least she did for me. I’ve talked to some people who don’t share my opinion.
  5. you get any photos of that with your 13k glass?
  6. the bears won one super bowl in the 80s. 90s cowboys won three out of four. we were a dynasty that dominated the league for half a decade. the bears were great in 85. great season for them, sure, but does not compare to america’s team in the 90s 🇺🇸
  7. one of these, not a flatbed. I’m gonna rent one from somewhere, I just assumed it would be cheaper. I imagine U-Haul’s rates are pretty standard. just seeing if anyone knew something I didn’t.
  8. I’m gonna be emptying a storage unit in Austin and driving some shit to Arizona. Looking at uhaul website to rent a 6x12 trailer is almost $500? Seems high, maybe it’s not. Anyone know if there are cheaper/better options?
  9. I just want to see Billy Tillerson singing more songs
  10. there’s just too much TV. I enjoyed watching this show and yet I completely forgot it existed nor do I remember the storyline.
  11. he said in an interview, on the record, that he didn’t retire for health reasons. he wasn’t having fun anymore losing games and missed the discipline that jimmy provided the team. he didn’t like being the bad cop and didn’t enjoy the game so he quit. he said if jimmy were still around and they were winning he’d have kept playing. and briefly considered going to miami. something like that. but it wasn’t his back or the concussions, which is what everyone seems to believe.
  12. that’s not why he retired.
  13. two decent radio guys and two useless slapdick fucks.
  14. you got those photos yet? any details on the gas station? I’ll be around those parts in a couple weeks.
  15. I can’t remember the last time I went to golden chick and didn’t order catfish.
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