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  1. introduced his wart-covered engorged mucus-shooter into her frontside maternal trash chute.
  2. he hasn’t lost the fan base. whoever said that is a moron.
  3. kudos, elaine, on a job… done.
  4. so one tweet from gerry hamilton and he's a high-ceiling guy now? you haven't seen him play a down of football.
  5. I think knowing the playbook is pretty fucking important for a quarterback at any level.
  6. futureman


    Mexico. burger tasted good, though.
  7. Kruger would never allow two Kokos.
  8. shitposter? just because the unfiltered truth is threatening to you doesn't mean that you have to resort to name-calling.
  9. it makes sense, ewers was informed he'd be riding pine like a bitch and thus we get reports of him putting in extra time with the coaches and film study because he doesn't want to be a backup.
  10. I just moved down here about a month ago. I'm gonna use your post as my Frommer's.
  11. too much starch with the pasta. cheesy garlic bread bun is boss-level but meatball sandwich would have have been better than lasagna.
  12. playing center is like playing shortstop. you can't be left-handed. not an option.
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