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  1. is there anything to indicate the austin victims were people he knew or is that just speculation?
  2. conveniently the morning show is everyone on the station who sucks. can tune out until 10am. cumulus cares about the p1.
  3. Amy Adams is a poor man's Jessica Chastain.
  4. you ever get a meatloaf sandwich at the kitchen door? before it left us, may it rest in peace.
  5. the food is atrocious but the bus boys are the best in the city.
  6. "Let Bjork cook" needs to be part of the title of one of these aggy threads.
  7. yeah but wasn’t it FSU vs Bama for them? I thought they agreed we should be in.
  8. pero why? wouldn’t it be him and williams back there next year?
  9. according to the comments, which can always be taken as gospel, this is being tried in Thailand as a murder. apparently the old dude had a young Thai wife and she wanted him dead and paid these guys to unstrap his harness in the air.
  10. did he clarify something previously said? because bobby said earlier today that williams can serve that suspension next year and will not miss time in the playoff.
  11. Joey McGuire and Texas Tech are completely irrelevant.
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