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  1. who gives a shit about TC? he’s a fat irrelevant spare. anyone know what kind of cancer Monty has? I heard sarcoma. any more details?
  2. reminds me of one of my all-time favorite videos. it’s better with the sopranos theme but I couldn’t find that one.
  3. that’s difficult. wrong.
  4. sometimes search works, sometimes it doesn’t.
  5. that’s a whole different kind of cheese hinge…
  6. I hadn’t eaten all day so I wasn’t making rational decisions.
  7. I searched for the cheese hinge thread; can’t remember where cheese hinges are readily celebrated but I think it’s here. I made chili cheese dogs. Originally planned to eat normally but it devolved to fork and knife. fried the buns in butter then broiled the cheese hinges. browned some spicy breakfast sausage and added to the chili. pan fried the dogs in the sausage grease. smothered in chili and added more cheese.
  8. it’s financially irresponsible and poorly represents the university of texas. he needs to do better.
  9. yeah those are salted perfectly. if they are fresh and crunchy they slam
  10. Tootsie still kicking around.
  11. I genuinely don’t know how this shit happens so often. Next level unawareness.
  12. how should the Lexus be parked? that situation went to shit at the end. the guy filming proved not to be the hero we thought he was.
  13. yeah it’s a bengal. those things are expensive as fuck. the kid is out of control.
  14. I do know NFL guys, former and current. You clearly don’t know very many.
  15. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C6-cajfs37c/?igsh=Y2RjemExcDRlN28z
  16. baseball you gotta prove yourself at several levels of minor league ball. there are a ton of baseball players who got drafted in early rounds and never made dick beyond their signing bonus. baseball money can be stupid but it’s hard to get. that’s not true at all.
  17. he’s on a rookie contract. the way these fucking idiots buy jewelry and cars it can quickly add up to a million dollars or more. one nasty injury and his 5th-year option is declined and hopefully he has a good insurance policy. and absolutely he’s broke shortly after. he’s not getting 20MM, he’s getting less than 14 over four years which ends up being about 9. if he gets the big 2nd contract, yeah, he’s probably fine. lots of guys don’t. and like you said, throw in the properties and the posse and he’s fucked without the 2nd contract. if he’s a bust he ends up broke. it’s not hard to end up broke if you played in the NFL. as already stated, it happens often, and just because he’s good at football and was a longhorn doesn’t preclude him from being a dipshit. no shit of course I’m fucking jealous of him.
  18. are 247 transfer rankings wildly inaccurate? there are 659 transfers this cycle better than a 5th-year 2x all big ten defensive tackle? I mean, no, but why does 247 say that?
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