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  1. Going to see Avatar 2 today so rewatched the first one this morning. Hadn't seen it since I originally saw it in the theater. I have a new appreciation for it after all these years, and also personally being in an entirely different place.
  2. Costco had Ahi tuna steaks today. Seared rare with wild rice.
  3. Yea,I know I'm late to the party, but just watched the first episode last night. It was great. Looking forward to the rest.
  4. Please tell me that's a poor attempt at sarcasm, and if not that you've been in a coma for the past decade
  5. Mo Horn


    We did the road to Hana several years ago in June. Loved it. Had a rental so went as far as we were allowed. We saw Charles Lundberg's grave, which is something most folks don't do. Sister and niece did it a year ago in January. They actually hired a driver to take them, and made the full loop. They said it was great doing it that way. They didn't have to drive and could stop wherever they wanted.
  6. So are we not signing anyone today, or have they just not been announced yet?
  7. 5 oz. Gin and 1oz. Vermouth fits perfectly. 2 olives please.
  8. I did as well, and seeing it again when it comes in March
  9. Saw it tonight here in KC for the first time. A great show with great music
  10. Was on a SW flight yesterday and some guy was carrying an empty case for Colonel E Taylor. It could have easily fit in a bag he and his wife were also carrying. It's like he was carrying it just so everyone could see that he had one. He dropped it once, and it was totally empty. What an ass.
  11. I'm in Steamboat Springs and was wandering through a small market with a liquor section. Had about 12 bottles of Eagle Rare on the shelf for $80.00. I've never seen one in the wild before, but opted not to spend the money.
  12. Which one of y'all own a condo in Steamboat Springs that's part of a resort rental. We are here with friends in a 5 BR condo and in one of the cabinets is a white longhorn insulated Yeti. I think you can only get those at the Disch. There are also a couple of pictures that have a shaggy Bevo.
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