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  1. Son tried Boomin BBQ tonight. He gave in an A+ and he's had the best Texas has to offer. They were out of brisket, so he got the ribs.
  2. It's been said here multiple times. We are fucked.
  3. Would love to know what pictures they confiscated.
  4. https://uproxx.com/life/best-bourbon-whiskey-2022-american-whiskey-masters-awards/
  5. Another reason why we will just rent an apartment
  6. Have lived outside of Texas since the late 90's. TC was always one of our must visits whenever we came to see family. Sadly, no longer the case. Haven't been for several years.
  7. If you put them in a soup, or stew, I don't think there's any difference. If you're doing them as a stand alone side dish, which I've never done, I can see where you could taste the difference.
  8. Whitley with a bad outing last night. 2 innings, 5 hits, 6 runs all earned. Not encouraging.
  9. I cannot even look at her phone. Top of the phone shows apps with double digit numbers for notifications, or unread items. Drives me crazy.
  10. Mo Horn


    Saw this story, and it didn't really fit anywhere else. Did a search and didn't see a thread on this topic, and thought it was appropriate for CR. Texas leading the way again.
  11. The house next to our office is burning wood and all day I've been smelling wood smoke and now I want Texas BBQ. Shit.
  12. Our kids are all professionals and have no desire to return to a family home. We've talked seriously with them about leaving them something, and they've said spend your money and enjoy it. We don't expect you to leave us anything. That's just our family, and I totally respect other families that chose differently. I have a SIL that lives in the house that she moved into when she was probably 10 years old. She's now in her 60s. Her sister, Mrs. Mo, has different ideas, thank goodness.
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