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  1. Top story from the AP today: https://apnews.com/article/disability-iep-special-education-psych-er-b2ae828a735c50ba562757dfdc7393ca
  2. Let the record show that while you argued quite forcefully and thoroughly against the latter, you made no attempt to address the former, implicitly conceding the point.
  3. It should be: UM, Wash, UT, Bama It will be: FSU, UGA, Adams College, Minnesota State
  4. You get a nice gig as a maintenance supervisor at the Capitol. You’re in the background, watching famous ugly people do ugly famous things. Sure, occasionally you have to repair the rubble and scrub a few walls when a deranged mob sacks the place, but you have a steady paycheck, good benefits, and a nice, quiet life. Then, you’re suddenly the most famous maintenance man in the world for changing out a nameplate. The whole world watches you work, as you hope your crack isn’t showing.
  5. Because this website is filled with shallot losers — not a fungi in the lot. Between you and me, this isn’t anise place and it’s probably time for me to leaf.
  6. I’m a veteran who served long before COVID. I got lots of vaccines during my time and didn’t give them much of a thought. That said, there’s a lot of ignorant pontificating about readiness, military culture, and following orders going on here. 1. For every lawful order, there are tons of exceptions in practice. It’s just the reality of an organization so massive. These exceptions are formalized to varying degrees. 2. For every lawful order, big or small, there’s a huddle of junior enlisted complaining about it and scheming to get out of it. 3. If you find yourself arguing that those in the military “signed up to follow orders” or some variation, you aren’t operating in reality. 4. I don’t care if people were forced out or not; having served during the peak of an unpopular war, I saw how the military makes business decisions based on retention, etc. As long as they make and keep their numbers, they’ll get along just fine. Pushing people out or bringing them back is just a business decision. 5. Get your shots, but maybe put a check on your GI Joe fantasies.
  7. MM needs to spend the week watching this for motivation. https://youtu.be/wDjUMHQryFM?si=QTQvSUncw6GVUgHz
  8. The Lord’s Prayer is a mix of worship, self-reflection (as we forgive those who trespass against us), and petition for provision and safety. He prayed publicly himself, so Jesus as described in the Bible wasn’t against all public prayer, but He sure did have a problem with faithless, self-serving public prayers. Jesus on prayer and petitioning God, Luke 18: The Old Testament is full of stories about God’s mind being changed by prayers. What that means as it relates to God’s will and the terrible things that happen in the world is a fair question, but as someone who looks to Jesus for how I should live and act, the biblical models are enough for me to keep pestering God with whatever’s on my mind. On a practical level, prayer often leads to one of the participants realizing that they can answer the need being prayed for. James 2:16
  9. Mole

    tOSU at ND

    Maybe he just misunderstood Buddy Ryan’s Polish Goal Line Defense. https://coachgarner.wordpress.com/2011/11/08/polish-goal-line-defense-a-blast-from-the-past-2/#:~:text=In a most unusual formation,precious seconds from the clock. Edit: in terms of killing the play, is too many men a dead ball penalty in college? If so, they should have sent about five players running on to the field to kill the play.
  10. I know they put these out quickly, but this line from Nahlin made me laugh:
  11. Has anyone read much of their document? I short circuited on page 1 of chapter 1. The fire hose of lies and angry buzzwords that don’t really mean anything are a lot to take in. Maybe page 2 digs up the bar for intellectual honesty, but I anticipate a difficult read.
  12. Those three are giving us the highest levels of performance art. They all work so well together. It’s really amazing to see such an ensemble perform together at such a high level of artistry.
  13. Shades of Jon Stewart calling out Tucker on Cross Fire.
  14. From the posted critique: Maybe I’m misreading him, but I’m struggling to align lamenting “too much focus on individualism, self-actualization, and selfishness; hollowed-out materialism and consumerism” with the conservative worldview. From my vantage point, those are all things conservatives seem to think are awesome.
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