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  1. Walker giving a concession speech makes him a better American than his party standard bearers. Congrats to him.
  2. Somewhat related, how expensive it is to be poor:
  3. https://www.ajc.com/politics/politics-blog/why-geoff-duncan-didnt-cast-a-ballot-in-the-senate-runoff/I5QYKFVZHZDG7OGLZ5GPIHC5QU/
  4. The dumb things he’s saying are correctly being judged as dumb, but that presentation — filled with people who talk nothing like anyone around here making snarky comments about Herschel‘s least outlandish statements — recalls the experience of everyone who’s ever lived in a rural community. The focus of the ad is the condescension, not the dumb things he says. It probably doesn’t matter since I think Warnock will win, but that ad plays into everything the Herschel voter thinks about the other side. To be fair, if they had used people from around my community to comment, it would have sounded like authentic frontier gibberish to the rest of the country. There’s a fine line between drawl and a mouth full of marbles.
  5. Early voting started today. I’ve never gone on day one before, but was surprised how busy it was. Regarding the ad with people reacting to Walker’s speeches, I’m not a fan of it. It probably plays differently in different communities, but from a rural perspective, it looks like more city folk dunking on a country bumpkin rather than highlighting the ridiculous things Herschel says. Herschel is completely without substance when he speaks, but I’m not sure if this actually highlights this. If you live in a rural area, you get used to people talking down to you. This ad conjures up a similar experience — people who don’t talk like anyone from around here making fun of someone from the country for saying dumb things. The fact that he’s actually saying dumb things can get lost when the focus is on the mockery. I hope I’m wrong. Maybe it doesn’t matter or maybe condescension plays well with the masses. Surely they’ve tested these ads and studied them, but this is issue that could hide in a huge blind spot depending on your bubble.
  6. “Anyway, happy thanksgiving.” IFB churches are self-selecting for extreme views that make for outrageous videos. They thrive off the negative attention. I’ve heard even committed Southern Baptists express concern about the absurd radical conservatism of IFB churches. That’s not to say there isn’t a problem, but the context of the hate preach is relevant.
  7. Early voting starts Monday. I’ve seen ads targeting Kemp voters pushing the Walker character issue. Something like, “I’m a republican and proudly voted for Kemp, but character matters so I’m voting for Warnock.” Here’s hoping it pulls some over.
  8. My little town had a turkey give away at the high school. Everyone I know has at least one free turkey sitting in their freezer right now. We’re just swimming in turkeys. Is this what turkey socialism is like?
  9. What is one phrase that I would like stricken from my memory?
  10. Mole


    I’m confused about the parades. Both are on the same day, at the same time, on the same route, but they are different parades?
  11. Texas 49 Kansas 10 2 punts, 85 yards
  12. So American Bin Laden announced another fatwa against America? Cool. I’ve actively avoided hearing even a second of that demonically possessed evangelical whisper since 1/6 and my life is better for it. I appreciate all of you taking the mental and spiritual health hit to keep me informed.
  13. Has the dunk on MAGA thread migrated over to the Hillary thread? I came here to laugh at sad terrorists and terrorist sympathizers.
  14. That may be the most Illinois-looking face I’ve ever seen in my life.
  15. Today won’t end with a Senator Walker. That one’s going to a runoff.
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