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  1. You guys are realizing that Gisele does't need Tom and in fact, may have a better life without him. She can be in the international money scene or she can follow him around the NFL circuit.
  2. This is like Coach Taylor telling Tammy to fuck off and go to Philly because Dillon has a super team next year.
  3. And his wife and kids are just now learning that.
  4. This tightening of the polls is good. Tells people to still get the fuck out there and vote.
  5. Him paying for an abortion will matter 0% to the pro life crowd.
  6. Yes, the markets are incredibly oversold right now. Ton of cash on the sidelines, lots of sellers, and no buyers. It may take until after the mid terms but once people realize that, the buyers will be back.
  7. For those that think Aggy is a big brand, they’re playing State in the SECN and Bama/Arky is on CBS.
  8. Gabriel is so bad that RG III breaking down basic mechanics.
  9. If it flies, floats, or fucks, rent it and a house on the beach can float.
  10. They're looking for Chad: That one girl is.....healthy. I should join, post my pic and then a pic of my financial statement tagged to my voter ID card and see how much they really care about dating a Republican.
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