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  1. Watch OKC offer some package of firsts and players (not the big 3) and nab him after next season. Suns then restart with that and Booker or trade Booker and restart with all of that.
  2. Yeah, Beal is guaranteed $57M in 2027 for God's sake and he played 53 games this year, which is the most since 2020.
  3. You forgot the veiled trade request earlier this year but that about covers it. In all fairness to LeBron, though, he won titles with three different teams. Durant won with GS, who won before he got there and after he left. As far as pure basketball talent, Durant might be on Mt Rushmore. If it's just one on one scoring ability, I'd take him over anyone today. Might be the best pure scorer in NBA history. However, his self awareness and leadership are subpar. You can take a pass on the leadership but the self awareness is the thing. No one besides him thought the Phoenix thing would work and now he's stuck there. He's like a rich guy in a bad marriage with no prenup. He just needs to make it work somehow.
  4. Durant gonna ask for another trade. Maybe he'll go to a team with 2-3 of his friends. They'll all be wing players. No depth. He'll wonder why he can't win there and then go somewhere else.
  5. I was wondering that, too, until we went to Italy and my wife insisted on going by the AAA office to get some paperwork for temporary drivers licenses and whatnot. Seemed like a blast of a place to work. You'd get to talk to people all day about where they're going and why they're going there. A couple in there with us was a very Americanized Iranian couple, prolly in their mid 30's. He was going back to Iran to visit his grandmother for the first time in 20+ years. Might have found my retirement job if they're still around.
  6. I eat 1-2 pieces of lean skirt steak and 3 eggs. Lots of protein, no carbs. May need to shake up your workout if you want to get into that range.
  7. Had my six month labs today for testosterone shots. 6'0" tall here and at the beginning, I was 219. Down to 215 now. (Had a bit of a fat weekend, though.) However, body fat % went from 24% to 16% in that span. Skeletal muscle mass went from 95 lbs to 105 lbs. Both significant changes and improvements. Also made changes to diet and fitness but these testosterone shots are cheat codes.
  8. Yeah, despite being thin and light and some positions, OKC is good on defense. (They're long.) On NO's last possession, OKC had SGA, Dort, Cason Wallace, and Chet on the floor. Good luck with that. (Jalen Williams isn't terrible, either.)
  9. OKC will win the series but it'll be ugly as all of their games with NO are. NO is just long, big, and physical, with or without Zion and that's a bad matchup for OKC but they just have the better players. The Clippers are actually a better matchup. They might have an easier time with them. They'd lose in like 5 games to Denver is my guess.
  10. The Nephew out for Game 1. Lulz.
  11. I guess that's the only way he can get into college.
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