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  1. FizzleFish

    NFL Week 2

    they have 20M now not being spent
  2. I imagine powdered ranch added a jar of pickles.
  3. FizzleFish

    Cart Narcs

    Then y’all should cruise the lot for 30 waiting for a spot close to a corral to open up..
  4. I have nothing for you. I've had 4 kid drivers (3 boys and 1 girl - all 2 years apart). Still covering them all (18-24 years of age). Think we were paying like 1200 for the 4 of them thru usaa. USAA dropped us because 2 boys and the girl had 1 or more accidents. Jesus Christ, our son launched his car into the trees coming back from a weekend in college station. Daughter has had "2 deer" accidents. Other son is on his 4th car I think (2 his fault - also, requires a little help due to brain cancer fuckin him over). Our youngest son has had no accidents or tickets. Can't wait to get them off my shit.
  5. I never get tired of this gif. I have to watch 10 times laughing my ass off before moving on.
  6. Daughter dropped off her 3 dogs for the weekend. Wife loves when they visit.
  7. Think that’s pretty common. We were running regularly with the recruiters prior to leaving for boot camp. I’m sure it impacted their pay/bonus in some way.
  8. In the marine corps they do. They put them in conditioning platoons. It extended their boot camp by weeks. I felt bad for those dudes because the standard 13 week boot camp was enough for me.
  9. Layne accomplished a ton. 2 x All American, multi time nfl champ, all pro like 6 times and a hall of famer. This dipshit wants to laugh at his cotton bowl records and make dumb ass comments. I think his pro number is retired too.
  10. then you should have just said that instead of making an ass out of yourself. Now shut the fuck up.
  11. Yeah, their defense was supposed to be the shit this year. I know they lost chase for the year, but I also think they have lost a lot along the line.
  12. Wasn’t Bailey the most accurate kicker of all time up until that injury?
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