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  1. Yeah, Puka’s floor seems higher without Jimmy G throwing to Davante. Looks like I get to enjoy a couple weeks off. Guy in second place lost so I have a 2 game lead now with one game left in season, plus I already have a first round playoff bye. Let’s see if K9 and ETN can find their mojo in the meantime. 4 teams lol. I tried 2 once and could barely keep up.
  2. Apparently traded for offensive performance…
  3. This guy gets it https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2023/12/03/bowl-projections-college-football-playoff-texas-alabama-florida-state/71731489007/
  4. We should start a big 12 refs thread…
  5. Worthy should’ve skipped the pancakes at breakfast…
  6. My favorite part about game threads is seeing how much everybody’s TV feeds are delayed….
  7. Go buy a fire stick from Amazon and plug it into one of your bigger TVs. YouTube TV offers a free trial. If it sucks, send it back cancel the trial.
  8. Firesticks + YouTube tv. We got off the DTV Teat last year after 15+ and haven’t looked back. On multiple TVs too. Stream East fills the gap in the rare instance I can’t find something.
  9. I’d say picking up Charb with K9 out is paying off. Thanks Dallas D . Also, glad I’m not playing against Metcalf or Geno.
  10. I figured it out. I think. I bought this cord which has a male and female end https://a.co/d/h4QC1pp which I think will work with this plug. https://a.co/d/0WHvEWw
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