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  1. Worst storm I’ve been through in a while in the metroplex. That was gnarly. 75 mph winds.
  2. Is the mad cow exposure still a thing? I don’t give blood mainly because I spent a lot of time in the UK as a yute in the 80s/90s.
  3. Does the app still work, ie can you play the videos? Fire them up and screen record them. Then you can export them the normal way. Maybe.
  4. Sometimes these posts hit hard just for the comment sections
  5. This cluster bringing it hard , has to be good for some kind of runoff yeah?
  6. Finally, a selling point for electric mowers
  7. HiggyBaby


    One polyp. No family history but he wants me Back in 3 years 🤙 as others said, the prep blows, but it’s manageable. Procedure was easy Peezy.
  8. It’s an older code but it checks out
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