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  1. How does one even detonate a nuclear reactor
  2. Can’t they just threaten to burn couches like the rest of us?
  3. The Japanese research team has subsequently released video stills from footage of the study
  4. Really enjoyed it as well, especially Hamm’s performance. I thought the overall movie could have been better but if we’re honest so could have the original save for Chevy Chase. Hope there’s future iterations with Hamm.
  5. Don’t currently have St Aug but in the past I would rake the thatch and treat it anyway. Can’t hurt. This worked perfectly fyi, thanks.
  6. Finally got around to streaming this. Would also have happily paid to see it in the theaters, great movie. Great references to the original.
  7. Picked last in both my leagues. Not my ideal choice based on previous seasons but Mike Williams paying off. Got him in both. Also snagged Duvernay today in both. Let’s see how it goes.
  8. Maybe he finally got around to seeing Little Nicky
  9. Spent half my youth in the UK visiting my aunt and her family. That damn roast and Yorkshire pud is my favorite memory.
  10. I would love to work our way *up* to mediocrity.
  11. Not even finished and this episode is all kinds of fucked up
  12. Hush your mouth Vegas was great You guys are growing up so fast, I hardly recognize you anymore!
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