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  1. idigTexas

    Austin FC

    Why is there a Saguaro cactus on a poster epitomizing Texas?
  2. One of the least impressive multiday champions that I can recall, and one of the luckiest.
  3. I record and FF through commercials and promos, so I thankfully miss those.
  4. Yep. That's a strong possibility. Dude didn't take any water, which is a good sign that he has a soft landing coordinated. He's either going to end up at the cantina camp, or this is a premeditated "tap with fake honor" situation. Not slighting EJ at all, I just think he is past his prime. One thing working against the group merge theory is that I believe the cantina camp is in the opposite direction from extraction, assuming they have the same extraction point as Trish and Jen. I think EJ implied he was going to look for greener pastures closer to extraction, so if he ends up at the other camp, then the producers have been more sloppy than usual at hiding the shenanigans. Amber wasn't planning THAT far ahead. It was intended to serve a dual purpose, as a dock for fishing the main canal, then later a raft for extraction. I wish Amber had taken it with her, but it would not have fit the narrative that we are being fed. I agree with the planted cayman theory. Typical "need protein for extraction, oh there's some" bs.
  5. Amber's "high road" support always comes off as a bit disingenuous to me, and she clearly likes to be in charge and have things done her way. She's still a bad ass, but I'm not sure I could put up with her for two months, even in a non-survival situation. That said, I don't recall wishing for anyone to fail as much as I did Trish. I would have liked to see how Jen and Amber worked together if Trish hadn't been part of the group. I think Jen would have flourished more than she did. I think EJ is just too old for these challenges now. He just seems off his game, and has not made any contributions at all. Kudos for realizing he was a drag on the team, and wandering out into the forest to fall on his sword.
  6. All the more reason.
  7. 220, 221, whatever it takes.
  8. We did about 3 hours of prep yesterday, and were open for business for about 5 hours today. Made enough to make it worthwhile, and literally everything we had out there was taken, which was the whole point. Not a single item had to be brought back inside, taken to goodwill, or thrown away. It's amazing that crap that has been just sitting around my house or in my garage has a new life. Everyone had cash. it was glorious.
  9. Forgot to add that, with the exception of the exercise bike, all remaining items are free to anyone who wants to come get them.
  10. Sorry, you missed it by about an hour. It went with the Lynskey. Items still available: 2-bike storage rack Yakima hitch rack (found the other adapter, so will fit 1 1/4" or 2" hitch) Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike Some of the jerseys Some of the tools
  11. The Surly Long Haul Trucker has found a new home. Everything else is still available.
  12. Thanks. The way I'm looking at it, if I'm able to ride again at some point, having to get a new bike will be worth it. I'm just hoping to get them to people who will ride them. They've been sitting idle for too long.
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