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  1. That really sucks, but glad he is alive and that he'll be able to have a normal life.
  2. Sounds close to right for the talent...perhaps a little optimistic for having so many new faces. Not bad for a rebuilding reloading year.
  3. I agree with all of this. The other factor for Primož is age. At 33, he is still in his prime, but the other real GC contenders are younger, with more on the way. If his goal is to collect GC wins, he may have to move when his contract ends to maximize his chances while the window is still open.
  4. I've never been a fan of their standard kit, but I really like the Jumbo jerseys for the final leg. I may have to snag one of those tees. This may be the first time I watched every second of a closing ceremony for a grand tour. The absurdity of what Jumbo accomplished this season is staggering, with what transpired at the Vuelta just being the exclamation point. There have certainly been tours with some intra-team battles, LeMond v Hinault perhaps being the most famous, but I can't imagine that we will every see anything like this again. Jumbo really saved their reputation, and that of their riders, by finally embracing the concept of working for Sepp. I will be very curious to see what team changes occur, if any. Contract status would suggest that we won't see any major shakeups with Jumbo, but you never know. I believe that Sepp is genuinely content being a super domestique on the best team in cycling, and has no aspirations of going elsewhere to be a team leader. I'm not so sure that Primož is happy sharing the spotlight with Jonas, but the media tend to blow things out of proportion, so all could truly be well. We'll see what happens. I'm also interested to see what happens with Remco. I never did see anything definitive about what happened to him on Stage 13. It sounds like it was a nutrition/recovery problem, or for the cynics, he got some bad dope. I don't see how he can avoid riding in Le Tour any longer. Will Soudal build a GC team around him so he has a real shot?
  5. First win at Everton in 6 years. I wish we were scoring more, but I'll gladly take the three points.
  6. We tend to be on the same side of this argument, and you are making my point for me. No need to crow about R.T. yet, same as there is no need to treat him as a presumed failure. I'm cautiously optimistic, but that's how I roll about most things.
  7. Please let sleeping dogs lie. Dude hasn't posted in here in months, and you are doing all you can to pull him out of his slumber. If you need more schadenfreude in your life maybe spend more time on the aggie screenshot thread in the recruiting forum. There's no need to constantly antagonize one of our own, especially when he hasn't been actively doing anything to deserve it. Also, while I love positive R.T. news as much as anyone, he has coached zero games since being hired as the head coach. Maybe let's let him coach some actual games with his team before celebrating his tenure here. Don't spike the ball before you get across the goal line.
  8. I've been avoiding this thread because I've been a day or two behind on watching, but I'm all caught up now. Got a little dusty in my living room watching the last couple of kilometers. So happy for Sepp.
  9. I'll be happy to nail it all season long. You're welcome.
  10. Weird for a team with Lobos for its mascot to have hook 'em for its hand sign.
  11. I'd call it more of a weak reference to obscure '90s television than a joke, but whatever. It got no reaction when someone else made the same "joke" on page two, but Surly's a tough crowd.
  12. $15 a month is not going to get you much. You may want to browse the past few weeks of the cord cutters thread.
  13. They didn't for the photo shoot.
  14. I've played a lot of beach volleyball, but never while wearing boots. Does it help with jumping in the sand?
  15. I really want to believe that the Mudryk pursuit was deliberate misdirection to teach Chelsea some manners. I don't really believe that, but it would be funny as hell and well deserved if it were true.
  16. I guess we get to find out whether we have added enough depth. Sucks we have to find out at the beginning of the season.
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