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  1. I'm not sure where I'd rank them, but they definitely fall below the past two seasons.
  2. Say what you want about Clark, but she certainly generates discussion. This thread (started in 2023) has almost as many posts as the WNBA thread (started in 2020), and will likely surpass it any day now. The Reese thread may have more, but I haven't been able to find it to confirm.
  3. I am disappointed. Nothing against Kenzie, but she just stole $1,000,000. It's not the first time the most deserving didn't win, and it won't be the last.
  4. Me too, though it's tough on the bike.
  5. This would just encourage the non-poors to enhance what they can legally do with NIL with bags. So, right back to where we were for schools willing to win at all costs.
  6. Fixed it. I think they likely would have won regardless, but would have been interesting to see them have to deal with instruction in Cantonese or taxi driver that only speaks Urdu.
  7. So deserve's got nothing to do with it? I'll allow it.
  8. I think Charlie or Maria go next week, and the one who doesn't will win this thing in a landslide vote. Kenzie going next makes no sense. Liz, Kenzie, and Ben lost their chance to win by voting out Q instead of Charlie. The problem for them is that at least one of Maria and Charlie will at least have the opportunity to make fire. I know Maria has that skill, and I suspect Charlie does as well. I doubt any of the other three could win a fire making challenge, but I could be wrong. I still don't see an outcome where both Charlie and Maria go to final tribal unless the idol gets put back into play (unlikely), or Liz, Kenzie, and Ben are the worst players of all-time (possible). The only other way it could happen is if there were a medical evac of someone not named Charlie or Maria. If neither Charlie nor Maria win immunity, it will be fun watching them try to convince the others who is the bigger threat. Maria's immunity challenge prowess could be enough to sway things in Charlie's favor, but Charlie is the bigger social threat and has never been on the wrong side of the vote. I've enjoyed this season quite a bit, in spite of the historically disastrous idol management and poor play by some. Charlie has been running a masterclass on how to play Survivor, and he is my preference for winning, with Maria second. She loses points for not convincing Q to play his idol, which would have ensured Charlie getting voted out. In other words, she made the same mistake as Q and the other idol non-players. People still see the idol as a safety net instead of the powerful voting tool that it is. If Liz, Kenzie, or Ben manage to win, it will be a letdown. None of them deserves it.
  9. This is generally reasonable advice, but the current market is down due to Government funding getting continuously kicked down the road. Until both sides stop pointing fingers and decide to work together, Federal positions are going to be limited and niche-specific. It never hurts to look, especially if you have a unique skillset, but keep your expectations tempered.
  10. Don't forget the 5 D's of dodgeball: dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge!
  11. Liz is annoying as hell, but go a couple of weeks eating nothing but a little rice here and there and see how your mood is. I'm surprised she hasn't killed anyone.
  12. Plus, there is nothing to be gained by showing his cards to Maria. Continuing to vote with her makes her more likely to let her guard down, increasing his chances of voting her out once she doesn't have immunity.
  13. There's no way Venus would have taken Charlie to the end. That would be dumber than going home with an idol in your pocket.
  14. Nice showing by Magnus.
  15. Same. Maria could have easily justified taking Q because he took her last time. Saying she wanted to reward people who needed to eat was a mistake, and a bit out of character considering how well she has been playing. Charlie is clearly playing the best game. I find Kenzie and Ben both likeable, but I don't think Ben is smart enough to make any moves, and Kenzie keeps waiting for some reason. I do not think Q will be rewarded if he makes it to final tribal, but I guess that depends on who else is there. If neither Maria or Charlie make it to the end, Q probably has a better chance than I want to believe.
  16. That was awesome. More, please.
  17. I finally watched this yesterday. I didn't hate it, but I certainly did not enjoy it as much as I expected to based on this thread. I loved the original, and found the Burton/Depp remake to be mostly unappealing by comparison (primarily due to Depp's portrayal of Wonka). I suspect I might have enjoyed this one more if I had not seen the original, and if I were a kid, but I'm not sure about that. I did appreciate that they flipped the script to make the adults evil, greedy, and glutenous rather than the children, though to be fair, there was really only one child role of note. I think my main issue was that there was way too much focus on shitty people being shitty, and not enough on Wonka becoming Wonka. They missed a real opportunity to dive into how he became the best chocolatier in the world. "He got it from his mother" fell flat. It may grow on me with a rewatch or two, but don't see myself making any effort to do that.
  18. I can't decide if I'm happy or sad. I guess it depends on which THJ shows up.
  19. Ok, now that makes sense. I withdraw my question.
  20. I like your confidence, but the softball postseason hasn't even started yet. And who the fuck is Mike Smith?
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