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  1. Not lose their starting QB without a capable backup with 3 weeks to go
  2. Its not the SEC it's Alabama and it's not like they didn't prove them right all those years
  3. Yeah cause the committee and espn hate us. Get out of here with that weak ass woe is us bullshit
  4. If Georgia had won we'd be 4th, I said all along the only thing that mattered was us winning and how they felt about FSU and that we would go in ahead of an undefeated FSU
  5. Thru 1 quarter of play the ACC championship game has a total of 34 yards and 9 straight one possession drives, 0 chance the committee wants anything to do with this shit show
  6. 3 pts might be an insurmountable lead for this Iowa defense, doubt they can get 2 safeties
  7. Most of the SEC gets to play Aggy to pad their win total, they don't have that luxury so their SEC schedule is harder
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