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  1. "I don't want it there" Pick up put down and leave in the exact same spot "Is that good baby" "Yea much better" Wtf can't win for losing
  2. 1. The loved ones (decent) 2. The nun (loved it) 3. The ritual (solid)
  3. Finished the "Drawing of the three." The thing about King that I love so much are his characters. How does he come up with these people. His ability to write about mental illness like dissociative identify disorder is amazing.
  4. No one is better than Roschon! That man is a saint. But yes he is a beast. Love how he seems to run better in the late 2nd half of games.
  5. Muhammad had a series where he shut Baylor passing down solo
  6. What happened to Bj Allen? Has he played at all?
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