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  1. They dont stop the clock because it would encourage late substitutions by the offense and not penalize the practice. I’ve seen them run so late the play clock expires or they have to take a timeout before the ref backs off. I’m ok with that.
  2. So if you don’t pay, are there any consequences beyond a sternly worded letter? if yes, what gives them right to a claim civilly? weird shit. Would have thought there’d be something official on the books somewhere.
  3. George

    2023 NCAA Baseball

    Iowa State has joined the meeting.
  4. Good advice. I was honestly surprised she didn’t have anyone listed on her accounts. my dad passed a few years ago, but we knew it was coming. I had access to all of his stuff and was a named owner on the account. wife and I have an envelope in my parent’s safe with passwords and info but we don’t have a will. Stupid and something we’re fixing asap. good reminder to check the beneficiaries on all your shit. Make sure an ex isn’t listed on your 401k or life insurance 😀
  5. Looks like Williams county. She lived in Bryan. We’ll see if we can find info on the sub-35k thing. bank wasn’t very helpful at first pass. Told my brother in law to go to his bank and ask about the process in a general sense.
  6. My wife’s mom died unexpectedly after complications from a routine procedure in NW Ohio earlier this week and we’re not really sure what to do. She was unmarried and has two adult kids who both live in Texas. she didn’t have a will, so far as we can tell, and didn’t really have a lot of assets. She has a couple of bank accounts which likely don’t have much in them (she was drawing social security disability and not really working) and a truck to go along with her personal belongings. unfortunately it doesn’t look like she had a POD/beneficiary on her bank accounts and they won’t release any information to my wife or his brother. are we going to have to hire a lawyer up there to administer the estate and go through the probate process? Is it really going to be worth it? Anything we can do outside of that to get access to the bank accounts or truck title? we’ve already informed social security…I think she got paid the day after she died, so as we understand it, that will get clawed back. We have no clue what other debts or auto payments may be coming out of her accounts. We don’t want to drain the accounts for fear of a fraud/identity theft issue. not sure where to go from here.
  7. SDSU got bullied in this one. They couldn’t do shit around the basket.
  8. I gave it a solid meh but I don’t know shit about D&D.
  9. George

    Need Help

    Sorry to hear that you’re going through this. It’s a real bitch. Good luck to y’all. I should also clarify what I said above. If someone is dealing with life/death situation they shouldn’t avoid seeking help. I just know we were having a hell of a time with our kid and needed some help, but she was nowhere near harming herself and they used some reference she made to a long-past feeling. They made things worse by admitting her in and making it a bitch to get her out.
  10. George

    Need Help

    Yeah I was going to say the same thing. We vowed never to seek that kind of help again after they snagged our daughter for a week. They magically stopped fighting the release once insurance stopped paying.
  11. Pussy is undefeated but beaver is batting .500
  12. Refs like “nah…fuck it”
  13. Neither team deserved to win they way they were shooting. But damn that’s a tough end to a game.
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