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  1. That last part is my favorite cognitive dissonance. That "worst Bama team in decades" was able to dispatch all their SEC opponents including Georgia (and hapless aggy) with their only losses being to us and the eventual national champions. They also can't seem to agree on if we got an "easy" SEC schedule or the grind of the SEC will just chew us up next year. Some of them choose to believe both of those things are true at the same time, a special aggy skill. No ya stoopid sip, they were terrible when tu beat em but had rounded into their usual form by the time the ags caught em. Totally different team.
  2. Popped hot for Covid on Monday after my wife and both kids had been sick a couple days. Only really knew because we happened to have a test left over from a little while back when my MIL was in remission etc. Never had a fever, but I was sore as achy as hell in my knees, sore throat and cough like crazy and had the off/on headache and brain fog. Not sure if it’s just the congestion or what but I haven’t been able to taste or smell for several days, which hasn’t happened since I had OG Covid a few years ago. I think I’m over the hump but still waiting for taste to come back and it’s incredibly annoying with how much I cook. Rant over
  3. The subject line has merit but content is wildly out of place. Anyway, Bakers Gold please.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/rawchickenexperiment?igsh=cmM2c3dsZzhmbGg2 this guy approves.
  5. Smoked the jap poppers before finishing in the oven. I stuffed a couple of them with some leftover pulled pork I had. It was a little too decadent but I’m not complaining. Ribs come off in the next half hour or so. That Craig’s sauce is the shit on ribs and chicken btw.
  6. This disgusting English breakfast shit doesn’t belong anywhere near this thread, just so yall know.
  7. Making some baby backs, bacon wrapped jap poppers, bbq beans, and a kale salad.
  8. You’ve heard of armadillo eggs? I call these armadillo turds.
  9. Trappeys makes the best pickled jalapeno. I don’t know if it’s just coincidence but they seem to always be the spiciest as well.
  10. No freakin kidding. Having never watched his tape before it was pretty apparent within the first few plays. That ability to violently cut upfield and run into the line and somehow pop out unscathed while running for a TD are Bijan all the way. That dude is going to be good.
  11. Overhead costs are probably drastically different.
  12. Being able to sign up/sign in via Surly is quite convenient.
  13. He’s only doing the national site now. Something pissy about the OTF podcast he and Burton were doing so Bobby split that off and isn’t with IT anymore, and Gerry left the Texas specific site to do national. Something to that effect, at least. It’s all a few pages back in the 9.95 thread.
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