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  1. DougO

    Power Pop

    No, I wish I was that cool, but I never had a music blog. Not sure who that would be.
  2. I thought Musiciansfriend and Guitar Center were related somehow?? Guitar center bought them out a while back. They started as two separate things.
  3. Mars Music was so much cooler than GC, but that model didn't work out so well. I don't know how Guitar Center stays in business, after being rumored as going bankrupt for over a decade.
  4. My friends that ran the local indy music store back in the day used to complain about people coming in and looking at their stuff, then ordering from Musiciansfriend for a lower price. The Guitar Center came along and said, "Musiciansfriend, hold my beer..."
  5. I would probably have to go to Georgetown, or maybe Killeen if that one is still in business. I might try it sometime if I had someone else around that was interested.
  6. I always wanted to try the fingertip drill and intended to go that route when I started thinking about it again, but these assholes here don't even do that stuff.
  7. I bowled when I was in my teens, in a couple of leagues, sporadically in my college years. I was really interested in getting back into it a few years ago when a new bowling venue opened up. But my first and only visit there was just too depressing. I wanted to buy a new ball and shoes, but they didn't even have a pro shop. I watched bowlers for a good while and couldn't find a single one that had any clue about how to bowl. It was 100 percent goofing off. I asked a clerk about leagues, they said they didn't have them, but maybe would get around to it someday. Then I found the back room with more lanes where a bunch of drunk idiots were bowling in the dark with Madonna dance music blasting. Fuck all that shit. If there were some real lanes closer by I'd think about it again. But it ain't want the used to be, with the crash of strikes all around with the wafting aroma of greasy fries and melty cheeseburgers and the ringing of the Elton John pinball machine and clacking pool balls in the background.
  8. I once dropped a Junior Mint in the soundhole. That's as close as I can get.
  9. Yeah, that's the real fly in the ointment for those. I don't mind them new, because they don't sound like new strings. But you don't want no raggedy ass strings on your guitar. So it sort of defeats the purpose of paying more for them.
  10. Beas is brilliant. Great move, JD. And Otto gets a win. Very nice start.
  11. And the new manager has never lost a game as a major league manager. Championship... Adrian Beltre for manager 2023. There, I said it.
  12. New Strings Day is coming...
  13. It's funny, but his one has hit harder than a lot of recent rock star deaths of even those who were my very favorites, and still listened to regularly. Hadn't heard or thought much about Olivia in a couple of decades, but she really was a more significant artist from my past than I probably thought she was. Or maybe it's partially because she was so beautiful, and I'm a sucker for a pretty face, especially one so genuine. She didn't have to try very hard, she jus had it. Just like her singing. She was such a fixture in my life for at least a decade it's like losing family that you were once very close to until you moved apart and hadn't spoken in a long time.
  14. I still have several packages of new strings that I bought about three years ago when they were on clearance. They ain't goin' nowhere.
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