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  1. The last full-band Beach Boys album he wrote and played on was incredibly underrated. He put out a lot of damn good music in his latter years, on top of the decades of greatness.
  2. This thread inspired a new song by Blackberry Smoke.
  3. That's because when she is playing just regularass sober Aunt Bee she already seems borderline drunk.
  4. They lost the one that didn't suck, so it would have been better to get a new one.
  5. It would be less time consuming to name what songs on the popular charts over the last decade or so weren't total fucking garbage.
  6. I tend to agree with this. Not only wears him down, but limits his amazing ability to use his speed an instincts making plays all over the field. They can disguise his rushes more and keep offenses guessing. Stretch bit don't break defensive philosophy.
  7. Jerry and the Big Flounder ran off Zimmer in his prime with the number 1 defense so Parcells could totally rebuild the defense to his familiar old style 3-4, which he never got done, until he was replaced by Wade, to some degree. Now Jerry may bring back Zimmer, an old school 4-3 guy to tear down Quinn's gimmicky defense and start from scratch needing new types of player. Totally different philosophies. Gonna take more years to get it on track. The circle is complete. I'd be on either team Harris or team Whitt. At least they can work with the players they have, tweak the current system to something less all or nothing, some ideas to have the ability to adjust and slow down the run when teams have their shit figured out. I don't think Jerry really understands the current league trend of younger, bright coaches that know the workings of the game beyond the 20th century.
  8. Traded to the Broncos?
  9. I've seen it several times on AXS back when it was on fairly regular. Very good doc, even if you aren't a huge Kansas fan.
  10. If they ever get a lead over anybody, it will never be safe.
  11. "Zimmer spent the 2023 campaign away from the game but studying current trends as part of an effort to return to the sidelines." So there... it will all be just fine.
  12. It gives me another year to find some way to get halfway decent unlimited internets at my residence.
  13. I still haven't' been fishing, but I'm buying lots of nice fishing lures on clearance. Sort of a repeat of last year.
  14. And back to the game. Nothing much to see there...
  15. I saw this poster at Wal Mart today. The child inside me refused to let me leave the store without one. It was under $6.
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