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  1. Strange signing. Jones has been a disappointment in Tampa, mostly getting junk time. He must have come dirt cheap, but it seems like there were better options out there at fairly low cost.
  2. Good to see a proper depositor for fecals material.
  3. I'm skeptical. It seems too in focus to be real.
  4. The TE price market seems to be down a bit. Gesicki got a similar deal, 9 mil but much based on incentives, with both coming off a franchise tag year that payed more. Schultz turned down a much bigger 3 year deal offered last year and saved Dallas a good chunk of money.
  5. False. Cooper was a production/cost issue. He was not what they thought they were paying for when they got him. They accepted their mistake and moved on and limited the hit to short term.
  6. And use eBird online to see what birds are identified in particular areas, including popular hotspots. Go to ebird.org, then under "location" select the county you are looking in. The "Major Location" is like North America. Then the second box is "Region" where you would start typing in the county. Then you will see the list of birds most recently IDed in that county, and you can find more specific location info there. There is also an eBird app so you can do all that stuff from your phone. The website is easier, though. You can register and keep your observations there if you want to share. Any questionable birds on your lists will be reviewed by a regional expert. You will get email feedback from the expert if something is in doubt or is nuked because it just isn't likely that you saw an Ivory Billed Woodpecker. When you submit a checklist for a particular outing, you will get a list with checkboxes of the birds that are known to likely be in the area you are birding. That's really the best tool for becoming aware of the birds in your area and where to find specific ones.
  7. Merlin, by Cornell U. It includes description ID, photo ID and sound ID that have been fairly recently updated. Install the app, then download the bird pack for Texas/Oklahoma and/or North America, or for whatever part of the world you may be roaming. None of these apps are complete verification of a bird sighting or sound. The are tools for narrowing down the candidates.
  8. I'm not all that thrilled about Cooks, but i guess it's an OK price for a capable possession receiver that occasionally shows a little pop. I don't hate it, but he doesn't move the needle that much, vastly overrated mediocre-plus sort of guy that gets pumped on lot of junk stats with bad teams in bad games, much like Jarvis Landry. There's a reason he's played for so many teams. I'm not sure how much dead money would hit the Cowboys if they ditched him after this season, so that's the big question for me as to value. I'll say it's probably a real good move if it keeps Jerry from wasting money on Beckham at any price. I still hope the Cowboys are going to draft a receiver in round 1 or 2 and find a real bookend.
  9. If sports fans were intellectuals there wouldn't be stupidass bobbleheads.
  10. They certainly aren't smarter today than they were decades ago. Now they mostly regurgitate opinions from ESPN hosts and fucktard bloggers. The games aren't getting progressively dumbed down because their fans are so smart. The leagues want to appeal to more dumbshits to make more money.
  11. I was listening to my random tunes drive in the car a little while and hit Richie's solo in Pictures Of Home. That's one of my favorite all time solos and solo sounds in rock history. It's not even close to one of his flashiest, but damn it just sounds so perfect, with the classic Richie vibrato in the key money shot spot.
  12. Also boy genius Kellen Moore's last at drawing up stupidass plays for the Cowboys.
  13. I thought the Spin Doctors were cool. Even the third studio album that sold about 15 copies worldwide. It had some great stuff on it. Tasty guitar, interesting songs. Radio just played the same ones that burned out pretty quick. They had some interesting stuff. Bring on the rotting fruit and vegetable toss. I don't care.
  14. He is a total fuckup of a human being, except for stealing old blues stylings. Good singer, though. The documentaries I've seen about him are totally depressing. His albums were mostly bad with a couple of good or great songs at times. His personality was worse.
  15. They should re-do the movie "It Might Get Loud" with three great guitar players instead of one. U2 was always hit and miss for me, some good early sounds, I always thought Bono had a strong and unique voice. His persona, I didn't care for so much. Edge was good at making their sound, but he wasn't a guitar player as much as a pedal player. But he didn't seem like a total douchebag. Most of their stuff after the first three or four albums was pretty lame.
  16. I got sucked into the animal movie theme the other night. The Black Stallion, then Lassie Come Home. Then I flipped over to FXMovies and the recent Call Of the Wild with Harrison Ford was on. Probably the newest movie I've seen in a good while.
  17. Nuno is a badass. The song is just a'ight, not very original, pretty outdated, unless you really were a huge fan of that particular style. I'm certainly guilty of that kind of thing in other areas of music. Extreme is a really talented band of musicians, much respect, but never were really the best craftsmen of songs that stand the test of time or endless repeated listens. Rest In Peace is the only one of their songs I get a hankering to hear once in a while. I was tired of the new one well before the awesome solo took place (and really only the second half of it was all that). I guess that's why we're only really hearing about the solo.
  18. American Bang was a great one-off album, one of my favorite of the millennium. No question they sold out for the low common denominator country-fried cheeseball "I'm from the south" related song with TC3, and did well with it. But they are a damn good live band. Really a shame the industry couldn't support the original version on to some more great albums.
  19. I've seen the record pickguard thing done before, Jaren Johnson of The Cadillac Three. He also had a Joe Strummer tele.
  20. No doubt he'll head to Miami to be Mike White's number one target.
  21. Giants sure love their brittle stars that spend most of their years on IR.
  22. I don't care if the Jets end up being decent next year, they are still one of the stupidest fucking franchises in sports history. They're just assuring another decade of mediocrity, but mostly shitty, with maybe a playoff year here and there. Yes, worse than Dallas.
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