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  1. You know little to next to nothing about basketball. You've made that increasingly apparent the past couple days. Why people like you think that anyone wants to hear your dipshit ramblings about a sport you understand nothing about baffles me. You should go check how many posts I have on the tennis and F1 threads. None. Because I don't watch those sports and I don't know anything about them and I'm not a fucking hack. Please shut the fuck up about this basketball team or any Texas basketball team for that matter and go back to picking your own dickcheese. I just had to watch potentially the best win of the season turn into potentially, effectively, the end of Texas' season and you come in here postgame like a flaming idiot spouting inanities with the confidence of Rick Pitino acting like we didn't lose one of the best 3 players in the fucking conference with 10 minutes to play. Holy shit you are a fucking beating. I'm putting you on ignore now. Go fuck yourself, reevaluate your life, and shut the fuck up about shit you are clueless about. I'm going to bed.
  2. Incorrect. He's our best player. He was leading the B12 in scoring. The level of idiocy is this thread is something else. We win this game if Disu doesn't go down. Y'all wanna shit on the coach for a player getting injured go ahead. Just like a bunch of people shit on Sark for Brooks getting injured. Texas fans are actually the fucking worst. No one cares about your back door cover, fuckface.
  3. You're such a fucking retard. Consistently and exuberantly as it relates to all things UT basketball.
  4. Abmas was so awesome tonight and it's not going to matter. What a punch in the dick.
  5. We lost our best player likely for the season, fuckstick.
  6. Tyrese is such a useless piece of shit. What a fraud.
  7. Let's play identify all the dipshits that don't understand what's happening.
  8. Everyone on our team knows the season is over. Cest la vie I guess.
  9. Forget everything I said about Hunter fuck this fucking bum. Get him off campus as soon as possible.
  10. We were looking so fucking good man. Fuck. He tore his ACL.
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