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  1. Sort of a Necro bump but recent enough - I'm sitting on my porch drinking beer and my brain sort of started mashing up Won't Get Fooled Again and Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day and now I wish I could hear The Who at their peak do a Jesus of Suburbia cover. They're pretty different stylistically but there are a ton of interesting similarities that you can piece together.
  2. ztejas

    Shit My Kid Says

    Let he who can keep his hands off his digdong cast the first stone.
  3. She invited him over, asked him "you think you know how to trim?" then dropped her robe and said "well then trim me, bush-boy"
  4. Also - not sure what the team is going to look like next year - but put me in the camp of not wanting Texas baseball players that don't want to play baseball at Texas. I don't care how good you are. It shouldn't be hard to find guys that want to play for this program. Go find some and let's get back to work.
  5. Agree. He was making decent contact, too. Just tweak it a bit and those fly outs turn into hits.
  6. I'm not sure that's a great comparison. This happens fairly frequently when illegal aliens are being smuggled and conditions deteriorate without the trafficker knowing (or giving a shit). I know there was a story like this in the UK I believe not too long ago. Triangle Shirtwaist was a laundry list of safety hazards - some of them intentional to produce sweatshop working conditions. Stories like this are an unfortunate side effect of what is an inherently dangerous practice where the participants are pretty aware that there is a ton of risk involved.
  7. So... I don't think Pop is going anywhere. I don't mind trading DJ but I like him. If he takes another leap this could look bad. If he remains relatively the same player it is probably a good move. Latter is probably more likely considering he's on the wrong side of 25 already.
  8. Movies about summer or set over the summer is what OP meant I believe.
  9. Holy fuck we pulled a borderline 5* from LA.
  10. Shit. Can't be more than 97.
  11. Oh don't even get me started on how that plan somehow managed to fall through. I have had some help from my younger brother but he's mostly useless. Btw - obviously you can make multiple trips with a smaller truck. But there is a gap between when she needs to be out of her current place and when she can move into the new one. So we are using the truck as de facto storage for a day. I should have gotten involved in the logistics much earlier.
  12. I'm on day 3 of helping my mom move. Debating between blowing my own brains out or taking her with me. Without consulting me she reserved a 15' moving truck. For a 3 bed/2 bath duplex. Thankfully we were able to change it to a 20'. Which is still too small but at least workable. Obviously there's all kinds of other shit. If this was someone I was married to I think someone would be getting stabbed.
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