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  1. They'll also be nowhere close to the national championship game.
  2. I'm failing to understand the "gotcha" here. I was never going to work today. Maybe your sarcasm meter needs adjusting?
  3. Hey - quick fucking PSA - despite the anecdotal evidence don't start driving around Austin. Drive around enough today and you will hit ice and you will fuck either your own day up or someone else's or both. This isn't one of those situations where everyone is overreacting and being a pussy this is one of those situations where the margins are very thin and everything looks awesome until it isn't and you kill someone's grandma. Thanks.
  4. I mean no shit- if someone pisses in a frosty bucket they close school for the day.
  5. Main issue now is I'm almost out of booze.
  6. Shiiit that sucks. In the 44 but on a hospital grid (apparently). Mom is in the 45 - wonder how she's doing.
  7. Assuming my work calls it today. If not I'm pretty drunk and not particularly willing to navigate the 1/4 inch of ice surrounding my neighborhood.
  8. Saw recently on an analysis vid that Bones is one of the worst defenders in the NBA. Like in the bottom 2.
  9. I don't think either of these teams are better than Texas. In case anyone was wondering.
  10. Embarassing that no one repped this. Jai Alai has been my favorite beer for some time now. Kept on draft at basically the only bar I drink at.
  11. Yeah this is cooked. K St showed glimpses and this has been a fun game but they got into a track meet that they're losing. Too many turnovers and lapses on both ends.
  12. There are already pages of discussion when it comes to the merits of hiring Terry. I'm addressing the likelihood of the current commits staying on board. I care much more about who is coaching the team going forward than those guys staying committed.
  13. He's a strange bird. Wildcats getting KU into all sorts of foul trouble - at the line down 8.
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