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  1. ztejas

    USMNT 2024

    That mfer ain't saving us.
  2. ztejas

    USMNT 2024

    Not only is our manager a dipshit, we have an embarassing talent-level across our back 4. I don't understand how we have so many borderline world-class midfielders and forwards and then we're running out guys like Scally and Chris Richards in our best XI. And, I mean, bless Tim Ream's heart but he's fucking 36. And wasn't a plus athlete when he was 26.
  3. ztejas


    Is there an option where I can feed Sam Coe feet first into a trash compactor?
  4. ztejas


    I'm like 10 hours in right now. So far I'm undecided on whether this game is some sort of challenging, inaccessible, genius admission to the genre or if it's a bloated, poorly designed, buggy fucking mess. It's like Bethesda shat a bunch of diarrhea onto a plastic sheet and told me there's $25 million worth of diamonds in there try and find them.
  5. This isn't the the fucking softball thread. Go adjust your hormones somewhere else.
  6. ztejas


    For the price - the best place in Austin that I've found. It's one fucking guy that runs it in a corner store parking lot. The campechano con todo (onions, cilantro, cheese) on flour (I know, I know - just trust me) will change your fucking life. https://maps.app.goo.gl/TVFXxXRd81R6QzsU8 3 of these for $10. Go see my man Beto. He doesn't fuck around. Also - the Hula Hu right there is probably my favorite corner store in Austin. Really cool Nepalese guys that run it - they have a great beer selection and decent prices across the board.
  7. I've seen a lot of porn that starts this way.
  8. Yeah that's how you know it's good.
  9. Coke blows everything else out of the fucking water but I'll take Pepsi over Dr. Pepper.
  10. Wow this is really stupid. Do you have her number or contact info so I can let this dumb bitch know how stupid this is?
  11. Some of us don't really give a fuck about Texas softball. Oh - wow - OU won again - how fucking original. Let's get back on topic.
  12. Look I'm just trying to manifest some shit worth watching into existence.
  13. Fortunately this Celtics team is softer than a bag of marshmallows that's been sitting on the dashboard of someone's pickup in South Texas for 3 weeks in August.
  14. This playoffs has sucked a fat sack of monkey shit.
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