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  1. That's just an unbelievable throw by Mahomes. He had to put that in the exact spot that he did for Kelce.
  2. Wow. One thing you can't do if you're GB. Touchdown wins game? Pretty sure a FG wins the game.
  3. Gb taking timeouts could burn them if NE makes a couple plays.
  4. Didn't Dez catch it facing Romo then turn and hit the ground?
  5. Fastest to record 3 hat tricks in the PL.
  6. Here comes Rodgers to waltz down and win it. Good fight NE. Just too much to ask from a 3rd string QB.
  7. Rhule is gonna get canned tomorrow.
  8. I was about to say... I know those assholes.
  9. Is the Broncos HC their playcaller?
  10. Who are the honks giving votes to OU and aggy.
  11. Yeah I'll pm you. You don't need to DD lol.
  12. Total annihilation this week and Hockensen has 36 on my bench. Play him over Tonyan and I'd have a shot at 200. Ekeler heard me bitching.
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