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  1. Recommend me a knife block under $500. Full package, separates, starter pieces, whatever..
  2. Most likely an attempt to deescalate the situation. The family (his assault victims) worked to get him free to their custody. The police probably had the blessing of the family (who called in the episode) to leave in order to calm the situation.
  3. Booked on 4 charges. Had 3 additional warrants https://www.tcsheriff.org/inmate-jail-info/inmate-info/find-an-inmate#/sip/2328208
  4. Win and in. Dionte Johnson at home vs NE with Trubisky or Smith Njigba at SF
  5. Yes my man. No dice. Peel the tomatillos, throw them whole into the boiling water with the japs/serranos. If they start to split pull them. Just need to get soft. (6-10mins) Ive used garlic and or jalapeños in the past and just prefer it this way. To my brain it is closest in flavor profile I remember and prefer, but easy to adjust to your taste. This recipe can’t be much less on prep and labor and great for making large batches quickly *add sour cream slow as the level varies slightly depending on the tomatillo’s size and water content. Doesn’t taste right until fully chilled.
  6. Just a pot of salted water until softened. Then remove tops of Serranos before blending.
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