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  1. They might want to see what Yuki can do in the car this year before having to make a decision. He has already ended Danny’s F1 career, why not Perez too?
  2. Rudy getting rolled for his D while KAT’s worthless ass gets a pass. Smdh
  3. Hate the Mavs in principle but the Cocaine Bear can ball and Flat Earth has been fantastic in all aspects
  4. Will clark raise the revenues enough this season to carry the $25 million extra in charter flight expenses (10% of revenue)? That is a lot of Jersey sales and the rest of the league remains unwatchable. Angel is a very talented player, but still basically unwatchable
  5. ChickenSandwich


    Anyone have a good Cedar Park burger rec? Hopdoddy/In&Out -meh
  6. Honesty. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaw/2024/03/07/juju-watkins-black-players-face-of-womens-basketball/72862649007/ Women's basketball needs faces of future to be Black.
  7. Bregman, Alvarez and Tuve have been shit lately and two all season.
  8. She is tied for 15th in the league in scoring Avg at 17.0 per and she has played like shit. It’s not a high bar Turasi at 10 with 19 Plum at 12 with 18
  9. It’s a mystery why they have no fans and females choose to watch Real Housewives over women’s sports. Gotta tear her down from her high horse. “Your ass is as flat as your titties bitch!” - Bill Burr.
  10. Exactly. If she doesn’t qualify for the current hype, no one does. Maybe the angst is for another reason?
  11. 4 games in playing on the worst team and still flirting with a Triple Double She’s been fine
  12. 100%. Reminds me of the Zion/Duke treatment and level of stardom.
  13. Is it really much different than UT rowing using Town Lake? Oregon can’t help the campus is not on the beach.
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