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  1. Spinach artinoach Fritos hot bean dip, spinach artichoke dip, salsa and sour cream
  2. So many fucking commercials!!
  3. This was great, and will be in the annual rotation. Should be up for picture of the year
  4. Looks like a Pontiac Aztec fucked a 92 izuzu truck.
  5. Edited..misread I guess that could negate a threat to testify against him and leave only a PR tour and/or civil suit as leverage. Her willingness to testify against him would be important to any decision to seek an indictment.
  6. That Tom Ford Book must still be making it rain seeing how every single stager includes it.
  7. He can’t until the charges are officially dropped. She has all of the leverage
  8. Stumbled onto the MX-5Cup at Daytona. What a fucking riot. Surprised how fun this race was to watch
  9. Fuck yeah i wanna go to the egg bar social, my mind Reality
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