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  1. Singleton 3rd dinger coming up.
  2. I set up my garbage can and painted a 3 point line 5 feet away. I made 52 stale oranges in a row and broke the wnba and nba record for consecutive 3 pointers.
  3. Damn. Saw there were 30 new posts. Got excited that maybe we added another player. Instead - 30 posts of pure bullshit.
  4. Megan thee stallion is looking fantastic
  5. I'm gonna buy down low in 105 I trust you
  6. Also thanks everyone for answering my question about which sextion.
  7. Negroe league museum, jims bar, Jack's stacks, Tom's distillery, zoo bar all partakes. I'm a little drunk.
  8. Has anyone figured out what section our bench is in front of so I know where to buy tix? Thanks in advance.
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