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  1. Singleton 3rd dinger coming up.
  2. I set up my garbage can and painted a 3 point line 5 feet away. I made 52 stale oranges in a row and broke the wnba and nba record for consecutive 3 pointers.
  3. Damn. Saw there were 30 new posts. Got excited that maybe we added another player. Instead - 30 posts of pure bullshit.
  4. Megan thee stallion is looking fantastic
  5. I'm gonna buy down low in 105 I trust you
  6. Also thanks everyone for answering my question about which sextion.
  7. Negroe league museum, jims bar, Jack's stacks, Tom's distillery, zoo bar all partakes. I'm a little drunk.
  8. Has anyone figured out what section our bench is in front of so I know where to buy tix? Thanks in advance.
  9. Already hit up Bait, High Life, Royal Mile and Fongs. Thanks for the recommendations.
  10. Total Shitshow getting in here. Crowds gonna be sparse at the start.
  11. Plane and hotel booked for des moines!
  12. Tried to do a super bowl hot or not but I suck at photos
  13. Uncle Boobs


    Bumping. Laura Brannigan was in her prime in this video. I would have munched on that box for weeks.
  14. World fucking champions. I don't post on this thread due to superstition, but this is the first place I go to get Astros news, videos, lineups, etc. Y'all are fucking awesome. I was lucky enough to attend every home game this postseason, both games in NY and all 3 games in Philly. The Yordan blasts in the Seattle series. Yordan's blast last night. A fucking no hitter. So many amazing fucking memories. Love this team and I love Houston. Go Stros. Let's win it again next year.
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