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  1. If, so, I don’t think she’ll be the only witness tomorrow.
  2. These are the states forcing women to have children without exception. The Annie E. Casey Foundation‘s 2019 Kids Count Data Book, a state-by-state effort to track the status of children in the United States, ranks Texas 41st in overall child well-being based on measures of health, education, and economic well-being. That’s up from 43rd in 2018. Related: School Districts Provide Free Breakfast, Lunch for Kids This Summer The report showed a slight decline in the number of children living in poverty from 22 percent in 2018 to 21 percent, which remains above the national average of 18 percent. The top-performing state, New Hampshire, has only 10 percent of its children living in poverty. More than 81,000 children in Texas (11 percent) are uninsured, up from 9 percent in 2018. The national average for uninsured children in 2019 is 5 percent. Louisiana (at 48th place), New Mexico (49th) and Mississippi (50th) are the three lowest-ranked states.
  3. Just a quick update on Abbott’s commitment to eliminate rape in Texas. The 13,509 forcible rapes recorded in Texas puts Texas in the enviable position of being #1 in the nation, followed by California which has ten million more people. Way to go, Governor.
  4. I think it could get dicey for Trump if questioned about what his belief is based on.
  5. She’ll get smoked because the residents of that gerrymandered district will be out for blood.
  6. Can “begs the question” really be misused? I mean, c’mon.
  7. Is that all the Dems have done since 2000?
  8. And as if it would be overturned by the police conlitia on the Supreme Court.
  9. Which begs the question. What the hell are men so angry about that they need to shoot everything and everybody that make the mad? Dominant culture men run the country. Why are they so pissed?
  10. Remember him shaking his head in disgust when Obama called him/them out on Citizens United, knowing full well that Obama was 100% correct?
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