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  1. While only passing for 55 yards. But we ran for over 300 yards and they couldn't stop us. I have a feeling we'll rack up over 300 rush yards this Saturday.
  2. Being from Dallas I saw this a lot. My stepmom is from Wichita Falls and she told me this is a pretty accurate depiction of the town's residents as almost half the population root for the Sooners. King of the Hill did a good job with this. Very good display of typical Sooner fans: townies and t-shirt fans who never attended OU or any college for that matter.
  3. What do those girls and the Schooner's ponies have in common? They're both DRAGGIN THAT WAGON BOI!!! Seriously, those hoes can both sit on my face!
  4. Brent Venables thinks weddings during football season are great! Especially on Texas OU weekend.
  5. Brent Venables passes out raisins and fat free fun bars for Halloween.
  6. Brent Venables believes chips and salsa should not be complimentary at Tex Mex restaurants
  7. Get ready to see hicks like these at the fair on Saturday
  8. Was this you in the office yesterday?
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