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  1. I’ll be in Mexico. See y’all in H town. 🤘🏻
  2. Besides Gundy… Dead longhorn found at Oklahoma St. frat before Big 12 title game https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/39021124/dead-longhorn-found-oklahoma-st-frat-big-12-title-game
  3. Texas 49 Dumbasses who think killing a longhorn is funny 17 Rushing 299
  4. FWIW There's still tickets for face value on seat geek. Just click on “hide resale.”
  5. Sec 130. Row 3. Last row in balcony section. Aisle seat. $150 each. Prefer to sell all four.
  6. Ok, looks like we’re changing plans from Oaxaca to Mexico City. I’m very excited as this has been a bucket list city for me for some time. Finally convinced Mrs. Tailgate we have extremely slim chances of running into a cartel. Family of five. Any recs for places/areas to stay. Gracias Amigos.
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