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  1. Another good pour in 78739. Emptied rain gauge before this recent rain and 3.5” last 36 hours.
  2. We did this one: https://www.getyourguide.com/osaka-l1204/osaka-shinsekai-food-tour-t315237/ The guide is awesome and knows all the locals. His heavy Australian accent threw me off at first but he’s been living in Osaka for a long time and knew the best places and dives.
  3. Yeah….was unreal…felt, heard and experienced it in a few temples and saw the engineering diagram behind one. Smart people. No one getting in unless they are climbing on walls or ceilings.
  4. Incredible country. We had an awesome time in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. There is no bad or average food anywhere…at least we didn’t find any. Sushi mania…melts like butter everywhere we went. Tips after going: 1. Schedule a Geisha show in Kyoto if you go there. Truly a cultural experience you won’t forget. There is an interpreter there for Q&A after the show. 2. Schedule a formal tea ceremony in Kyoto also. Do the one wearing a kimono they provide. 3. Grab a goshui-cho (accordion style book) at the first temple or shrine you visit and can get one. Collecting goshuin at each temple and shrine we visited was a lot of fun and very cool. You can only receive the hand drawn goshuin with these books. Great souvenir and something you’ll bring back on your next visit to keep collecting. 4. In Tokyo, Shibuya Sky is very cool on the rooftop. Try and reserve a few weeks out. 5. Do a street food tour in Osaka. A lot of fun and a lot of great drinks along the way as well. 6. Edited to ad stay at least one night in a ryokan. It’s been mentioned in this thread. A Japanese “hotel/house” where you are immersed in the culture. Breakfast and dinner are included and fantastic. Will hit more rural areas on our next trip but can’t say enough great things about the people, the culture and all the incredible food we had. Happy to have been able to go and experience it with my youngest.
  5. Late night ham and cheese on toasted white bread. #CWS
  6. Wow…gonna be a great CWS
  7. I’m not a fan of activist investors. But SWA has gone from great to the worst airline I’ve flown the last two years. Change is needed. FWIW been a frequent flyer member since 1991.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drake_equation The threat of losing of your life is a good reason to keep quiet.
  9. Regarding the Fermi paradox. I’m highly confident there are many people globally (military, intelligence etc.) who know and have seen conclusive evidence.
  10. Anyone who thinks we aren’t alone has: 1. Never done any serious research. 2. Is a debunker. It is mathematically impossible for there not be other life in the universe. I’m sure some may be less advanced than us, and I’m sure there are others that will defy any physics and science we know.
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