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  1. I’m not sure as a coach how you keep this guy on a bench
  2. Ewers being Ewers….needs to sharpen up
  3. Can’t imagine CDC has anything above firing Pierce on his to do list.
  4. Want to head to a day or overnight trip to Mt. Fuji. Is it possible in a day or should we stay a night near there. I heard it’s a beautiful area. will for sure be hitting street food…any thoughts on that and seafood if you’ve got them. Thank you!
  5. Headed out in a month. Ten nights. Flying in and out of Tokyo. Current thoughts: Tokyo 3 nights Kyoto 3 nights Osaka 2 nights Tokyo 2 more nights Too much Tokyo? I don’t mind staying longer in three or two cities instead of four…and I also don’t wan to try and “see everything” in my first visit. Any thoughts appreciated.
  6. OU tickets and away game request email is out now.
  7. I have not seen anything on this yet.
  8. Headed there in two months…will be following your comments…starting to plan this weekend. Tokyo is stop #1 and doing about 10-12 days…will review these other locations including Kyoto. For those seasoned Japan travelers…any museum/site and food/restaurant I should book now? TIA. \m/
  9. What’s a Raid Leader (World of Warcraft) and should you hire them? https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/whats-raid-leader-should-you-hire-them-peter-clarke/?trackingId=t%2B5cwCdJSIuZXir5uVxpBQ%3D%3D “When I applied for my first job back in 2008, the skills required to get my foot in the professional world's door were vastly different from what is needed today. I was applying to a local MGA in my hometown for a role that I later called a CSO role (Chief Scanning Officer), with a side role of 1 Sugar No Milk duties. The main skills required and developed were scanning policy documents and spotting empty coffee cups. We would receive the documents via Fax and Royal Mail from our brokers, and it was my job to scan them in and file them accordingly in our sophisticated Microsoft filing system. We were at a point where going "paperless" was the main innovation happening in the market, and the fact that the Underwriters could access the pdf version of documents in a searchable format from their computer was revolutionary. Fourteen years on, and I am now the one hiring young market entrants. The thought of setting them a task such as scanning seems not only belittling to them but also baffling, let alone the thought of trying to explain what a fax is and why it is useful. The market has, without a doubt, progressed from those days (although paperless is still beyond the reach of some companies). With this progress comes the need for new skills and a different type of CV to what I pulled together all those years ago. Being captain of the rugby team and on the debating society were considered great extra-curricular activities to mention, they still are—however, the thought of putting down my Zelda or Golden Eye gaming skills would have been laughable. While I am in no shape or form a 'Gamer' myself, I am more and more admiring the skills of those who play these games and what they can bring to the professional world. Being able to network online and successfully perform collaborative tasks while never having had face-to-face contact, develops skills that are not only more relevant but will be invaluable to organisations going forward as we adopt a more digital way of working and networking. After a recent conversation with a young professional who happens to be a "Raid Leader" in World of Warcraft, I'll share some of what I found fascinating about the skills that they have developed and that I desperately want in my team. To start with, I will explain what World of Warcraft and a Raid Leader actually is as I had no idea until a couple of months ago, and I am sure the majority of my audience are the same. World of Warcraft is an MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game), which I am sure means as much to you as it did to me. This acronym really means that it's an online game with lots of people interacting in a continuous world. What are they doing? They are trying to improve their in-game character by completing collaborative tasks in exchange for rewards and the chance to take on more challenging collaborative tasks. There is plenty more going on, apparently, but that is the gist of it. Raid Leaders are the people who manage and coordinate the teams performing these collaborative tasks. Managing a rugby team seems like a piece of cake compared to what these raid leaders are achieving. As a further bit of background, Raid Leaders organise and guide around 25 people from all over the world through collaborative tasks, where they all work together with distinct roles and responsibilities to take down large-scale encounters (bosses)…”
  10. Media not helping… “Class bullies may earn more in middle age, study finds.” https://www.cnbc.com/2024/03/27/class-bullies-may-earn-more-in-middle-age-study-finds.html
  11. South Austin…near 1826. Thank you. I’m on one acre.
  12. Absolutely. I’ve heard there are up to 1,000 pools in central Texas with this issue. Feel free to PM me and anyone for that matter with ASR questions. If your pool was constructed from 2018-2021 with shotcrete and you have cracking…it’s a possibility.
  13. Thanks. Having a pool ripped out of your backyard with jackhammers for months was not a fun experience…windows shattering on other side of house from vibrations. Was unreal watching. But happy with outcome.
  14. Well, I’ve been avoiding this thread for almost three years. My pool was constructed with shotcrete that caused ASR. The shell started cracking. After a year empty and another year plus with an attorney and a settlement…last weekend we finally filled the new one. The only cure for ASR is complete demolition of previous pool/concrete etc. The post demolition photo is attached. There was a pool that looked similar prior to this demo. It wasn’t worth it for the last few years…but we finally have our pool/backyard back. It was nice to tweak a couple things but damn…feel sorry for the 100’s (possibly a lot more) of other people who had this issue but discovered it later and may not settle/get anything. Cray cray. Looking forward to another hot summer.
  15. Don’t sleep on Mallorca…it’s a great island.
  16. ~$300/round. Ended up booking at Puerto Los Cabos.
  17. Anyone have recs for Cabo courses that are open to public?
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