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  1. Just found this thread....probably because I AM doing Dry January. I've really have had no problem with it, and I'm a pretty regular beer drinker. Most challenging days were the 2nd Sunday of January when I was grilling, and then last week after a long day of coaching. I entered into it as part of a weight loss jump start and it's definitely helped. I tend to snack more and eat later when I'm having drinks. I'm also working out more when I might normally be grabbing a beverage. It feels like my habits will be different once I lift the "full on dry" restriction. I've definitely saved a lot of money this month, but I've been drinking a shit load of sparkling water.
  2. Nothing fun about this team. It is sad but I would rather be Tech or Kansas right now. At least I would enjoy the game. This was pitiful.
  3. I hope these dudes enjoined their pan dulce and river boat ride. Fucking lazy pussies.
  4. I will say this: all those Texas coaches look sweet standing around doing shit in their cute gray pants. I see some coaches stances.
  5. We have no balls. Jesus. Tech and Ole Miss made football fun.
  6. So cool. Santa brought one for one of the boys. Came with Beat Saber and Resident Evil. I purchased Moss. I'll be playing some. Waiting for bedtime to try Resident Evil. Having a blast with Beat Saber. What is the best boxing game?
  7. Got screwed on that drive
  8. Chico_SA


    Great Album. Enjoying this one
  9. I find it interesting that they mentioned who will be in attendance. Judges and big UTSA donors including NIL donors? Maybe there announcing more NIL initiatives. One can hope.
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