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  1. Oof. Not holding up well. 1 - 3 since then. Sorry if this made anyone think it was news. Bad timing I realize
  2. I’m not sure why we are assuming next year will be a “down” year. Yes Frank Harris I means so much. But Traylor has built a solid program.
  3. They look a little off, but dealing with some skill injuries. Probably a little distracted also. Looks like it will be back and forth.
  4. Great 2nd UIL Season. I was able to take my teams up to play some strong Dallas area squads in a pre-season tournament, and that really set the tone for a deep playoff run. Some local High Schools are starting to find some kids from other sports (basketball, softball, etc) who are able to contribute in the pool so more kids are getting exposed to the sport. State Tournament was held here in SA yesterday. Richmond Foster repeats as Girls State Champ defeating Southlake Carroll in the Final Boerne Champion Boys finished 2nd again this year losing in the final to Lewisville Marcus
  5. It's been rumored that your son was abducted by UFO's, care to comment?
  6. Same 3 plays from the 1 might have doomed us.
  7. Yeah. Same thing 3 in a row and THEN change it up.
  8. 2005. Got a little drunk before scalping tickets and misread them. Ended up right above the tunnel entrance in OU territory. It was glorious. Suck it up and enjoy the game.
  9. Burt Venebles leaves his used free sample cups in his HEB basket.
  10. Mavericks at Floore this Saturday. I've never seen them live so I'm looking forward to it. Plus it's Floore's, so venue always adds a good vibe. I haven't pulled the trigger on tickets, but will probably go see Drive By Truckers at Aztec in November. I liked General Admission Aztec last time I was there so I think it might be a good venue for them.
  11. Drag Worm. Just had a flashback to the old dude with the half boot that hung out by Whataburger in the late 80s . Burned in my memory
  12. yeah. it sucked. Just got home.
  13. Man... I love the Alamodome. But my seats are pretty good, and I don't have a problem just keeping my beer in hand. I was bummed that I had to give my tickets away yesterday because I knew it would be a good game with a good crowd. I still haven't been able to get to San Marcos for a game, but would love to some time. I'm pulling for Texas State. I would love for these games to stay competitive. Best of luck the rest of the season.
  14. Same time next year......?
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