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  1. I thought about texting you, but then I thought "what kind of psycho pervert texts at 1:00 a.m.? "
  2. It's a numbers game. Take 4-5 every year, let them go to work, and see what you have in 3-4 years. Some will lack the mental toughness to grind it out, some just won't have the genetic makeup to turn their bodies into what's needed, some won't have "it." But take 25 every four years and enough WILL have those things.
  3. It feels like last year we got some kids who can contribute immediately on the OL. This year we're going to take kids who are going to be buns we put in the oven, set their expectations accordingly, set them up with NIL money, let them bake for 3-4 years, and see which of them turn into loaves of beautiful bread. TLDR: Flood knows what he's doing.
  4. III Forks DOES make a damn good steak. Also, I think that Wilson might actually be the best WR in the state.
  5. No kidding. I don't know how much more abuse my liver can take. I think I'll write an open letter to recruits asking them to please consider my liver function before deciding on their timelines.
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