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  1. Alice Cooper and Col. Sanders Alice Cooper and Grouch Marx Alice Cooper, Ray Manzarek, Iggy Pop Alice Cooper in high school
  2. So the job market is strong, wage growth is slowing (which is what the Fed says it wants), and the lowest unemployment rate since 1969 indicates that the tech layoffs aren't causing other layoffs yet? I'll take it.
  3. As if working hard means you didn't fake your way to Congress. The two aren't mutually exclusive.
  4. Apparently there's less energy from solar when it's night time.
  5. On the other hand, I always suspected at least one of the space Invaders was gay.
  6. Jakob Gude appears to be good. https://www.hudl.com/profile/14973050/Jakob-Gude
  7. You should have said "yes. Now you understand why I play video games." Then maybe she'd let you play more video games.
  8. No kidding. Texifornia needs to reexamine his priorities IMO.
  9. I've noticed that before when recruits from Texas show up. I've wondered if has a revolving rotation of such photos that he has brought in whenever players from different states show up. He's recruiting against Texas quite often. I'd have a whole wall full of photos of when he beat Texas for the national championship when players from Texas come to visit.
  10. You say that like a democracy cannot be chaotic. Why not both?
  11. Check out the highlight film of Refugio's Ernest Campbell. He ran a 10.32 hundred meters as a sophomore to win state. That's faster than Marquise Goodwin's time as a sophomore (10.38) The problem is that Ernest is only 5'8", 145 .lbs right now. Nevertheless, he's lightning in a bottle. Holy smokes. That second play, the one that begins at 18 seconds, is ridiculous. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/14954940/63a4e27f4205b80f1c17cea3
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