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  1. Damnit! The board is burping on me after I threw up on it. Please forgive the previous post, which the Surly Gods are denying me the ability to edit.
  2. Allow myself to quote myself from five months ago. It's happening. Also, I don't know what this is, but I approve:
  3. He has to post this same post before every single game until we lose. Then we hold him responsible for the loss and tar-and-feather him after we block his account from posting.
  4. I have followed the same principles/thought processes as you have, which is why I haven't taken off my Vince Young/Rose Bowl "Hey USC, ever tried to put a trojan on a Longhorn?" T-shirt since January, 2006.
  5. RIP, my friend. You were 100% correct. You usually were.
  6. Ha! Why not? He's already been at LSU, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, Texas and South Carolina. Time for him to start on his second lap around.
  7. Well we're almost definitely NOT getting in if Georgia wins. So Alabama needs to win this game.
  8. Texas would beat either of these teams. UT's defense would mug them.
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