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  1. They announced it on Jan. 4, 2022. https://abc7chicago.com/kelly-ernby-covid-passed-away-orange-county/11425929/
  2. Were the Bolsheviks big witch hunters? I ask this as somebody who doesn't know.
  3. There are but they have rules against drinking and posting, which means there are five posters in total.
  4. This old world keeps spinning 'round It's a wonder tall trees ain't laying down
  5. I thought this clip of Kevin Harlan calling the Virginia-Furman game was awesome. Not only is Harlan's call great, but the reaction of the man in the red tie is like he's shellshocked. His expressions are priceless.
  6. Disagree. Hold it in your pocket. If we make it to the final, announce right before the game.
  7. I always make it a point to stop at Charlie Parker's grave in the Lincoln Cemetery, but that's just me.
  8. I am not watching the game but holy crap this made me laugh.
  9. Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded.
  10. No kidding. Dude needs to up his flatscreen game bigtime, too. He bought that one to watch the Lincoln Douglas debates. 😀
  11. I want the last 2:17 seconds of my life back.
  12. Plus fleecing your fellow Americans is a time-honored American tradition.
  13. Or diaper. Just say "well, I'd love to stand next to you Donald, but you'll have to change your diaper first.
  14. I don't know, but I am certain he can dunk a basketball. At first I thought he pushed off the defender to get that kind of elevation but if you watch he clearly did not. His Twitter bio says his vertical is 38" and I believe it. I don't mean to put too much on a 2025 kid but you know how they say there are "3-play" players who you see 3 plays on tape and you know they've got it and that's all you need to see? This kid might be a one-play player.
  15. Hey, when it comes to figuring out what you should be putting in your body, if you can't trust a heavy machinery operator who for some reason has been taking veterinary-grade horse paste every day for 10 years, who can you trust?
  16. The way that reads it sort of indicates that the producer ranks the FOX-watching audience below Saudi terrorists.
  17. I would agree with that. I just hate absolute statements like "it's just X" when it's X plus a billion other things.
  18. If it's true that it's just drugs, why in your opinion has Portugal been so successful after legalizing drugs?
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