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  1. A couple of photos of Wilt. There are very few people in the history of the planet who could jump and look down into the basket.
  2. Doubt it would take that many tires to move her urn.
  3. Welcome to my world. There were four possibilities that I could think of but I only had three guesses. It was the fourth, the one I didn't guess. My streak of 35 is gone.
  4. Wait a minute, It doesn't mention a car? Maybe I've been on Twitter too much but something seems ... amiss.
  5. This. And we didn't give any sissy-boy epinephrine to the player suffering from the anaphylactic shock ... we just rubbed some dirt on him.
  6. There's enough value in free deliveries for me to keep Prime. Plus there's the occasional great series like The Boys.
  7. Just read that his father went to LSU and was a 2004 Olympic gold medalist in the 4x400 relay and bronze medalist in the 400 meters. His mother was a sprinter at Ohio State for three years and is a member of the Ohio State Hall of Fame.
  8. Robert Plant holds a dove that flew into his hands at a concert in 1973. Photo by James Fortune.
  9. Paul with the bass in at the Cavern Club in Liverpool
  10. I would imagine Ringo has a backstage pass for life to just about any show he attends. Same with Paul.
  11. Jimmy Page and Anthony Faucci.
  12. And now Zak Starkey is playing drums for The Who. Weird.
  13. Tom Waitts, Bonnie Raitt, John Prine in 1975.
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