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  1. Eenie meanie miney moe is a particularly interesting one to me because many scholars argue that its actual origins are relatively benign (rooted in Celtic or Welch language). These scholars argue that the english slur usage came waaaay later. It then morphed into the nursery rhyme that we all know. Ultimately whether something is rooted in racism or polluted by it is largely a distinction without a difference. I don't know. 956 offers a perfectly reasoned approach that I can totally get behind in principle, but I admit that the thought of having to question or revisit the etymology of every slang phrase I use is exhausting.
  2. I had an interesting discussion today. Yesterday, I was in a meeting where I mentioned the possibility of grandfathering in certain employees to a new way of doing something. Today, a coworker reached out to me to give me the heads-up that the term has a dubious origin. As much as I am a history and language nut, I had no idea. The person who brought it up wasn't offended by my use of the term, nor were they trying to shame me for using it- it was just a heads up, which I actually appreciated. It did, however, bring up a question that's been bouncing around in my head since. At what point, if any, does the use of a phrase or term transcend and/or replace its origin? I think of other things like "rule of thumb", "sold down the river" or "cake walk". In our current lexicon, I doubt many even consider what they meant 200 years ago, because they don't mean that now. But, as we are brought to understand, does it become our responsibility to avoid them, or is there a point in which we should all accept that the original uses have been successfully co opted for much broader and current usage?
  3. https://www.semafor.com/article/12/06/2023/george-santos-is-earning-six-figures-from-cameo-videos George Santos is earning six figures from Cameo videos "...Santos said — and screenshots and the CEO of Cameo confirmed — that he has lined up more than that sum in his first 48 hours on the platform. People pay between $200 and $300 to Santos for various flavors of communication. The videos can take less than a minute to film, and the platform has brought millions of dollars to the occasional campy, game, minor celebrity like the late comedian Gilbert Gottfried. Santos “is going to be an absolute whale,” Cameo’s founder and CEO, Steven Galanis, told Semafor. His launch, Galanis said, is among the platform’s best ever: “Sarah Jessica Parker, Bon Jovi — he’s putting numbers up like that,” he said."
  4. All of these threads are moving at the speed of light, so apologies for asking a question that has undoubtedly been addressed a million times already. Are we confident that Worthy is going to be at or close to 100%? All I've seen is that the x rays are negative, but if it's a high ankle sprain that could be dicey- even with a month to rehab.
  5. You know what else enhances cumin and chili? More cumin and chili.
  6. I've seen a few tweets with this sentiment. To me though, putting FSU in, even at 3rd, would have been the far safer play. Wrong play, but safer.
  7. I'm a little surprised at the opening odds (-4.5). Wonder what it'll be at kick off.
  8. Well, at least we won't have to listen to that god-awful warchant from FSU. Not that they'd be playing it much after the 1st quarter, but still.
  9. I'm really surprised. I don't give a shit, mind you. But I'm surprised.
  10. Dude filed his report with the playback on a 10 second delay blaring directly behind him. He gets an A from me for that alone.
  11. https://www.tidefans.com/forums/threads/bama-beat-1-are-we-in.335416/ Fun thread. Interestingly, there's a whole hell of a lot of talk about what the rankings should be over what they will be. They already know.
  12. 4 of the 6 onboard died. Other helicopter managed to land.
  13. Wordle 892 2/6* 🟩🟨⬜⬜🟩 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  14. Had a conversation with my father in-law (who watches FOX all day every day) over thanksgiving and decided to ask about the "border attack". Me (feigning ignorance): Hey, I heard something about something happening on the canadian border near Niagara Falls. You know anything about that? Him: Yeah, I guess there was a car full of explosives. Some kind of terrorist attack or something. Me: (pretending to look it up on my phone): Hmm. There's a thing here saying they're officially ruling out it being a terrorist attack. Him: Hmm. Yeah, I don't know. They talked about it a lot when it happened but I haven't heard any updates. I just know there was car with explosives in it. I don't know how much or why they had it. Me: (still pretending to look it up): Oh, actually, this here is saying no explosives at all. And apparently it was a rich American guy in a Bentley and his wife who were pissed off that the Kiss concert they had tickets to in Canada was canceled. Him: Hmm. a Bentley huh. Was it a Continental? Those are nice.
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