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  1. I don't know what we have on the sidelines, but obviously you don't want to see a drop-off in production when a player leaves. Right now, it seems like a problem area that at the very least needs quality depth.
  2. I guess this is him. And there must be more to the story because he also went to Coahoma C.C. Cecil Cherry is in his third season in professional football and first with the Rattlers. Cherry previously played Professional Football in the Fan Controlled Football league with the Glacier Boyz. He won Defensive Player of the year in 2022 for the Fan Controlled Football League. In 2021 he joined the Sea Lions of The Spring League, becoming one of the Top Prospects in the league. He started his college career with Grambling State where he totaled 15 tackles in six games played. After Grambling State he transferred to Tennessee Martin where he totaled 83 tackles, 9 tackles for loss for 39 yards, and four sacks for 27 yards in the 2019 season. In one game against Jacksonville State, he notched 14 tackles, earning him STATS FCS Defensive Player of the week, Ohio Valley Conference Player of the week, and the Tennessee Sports Writers Association Defensive player of the Week. From Frostproof, Florida, he attended high school at Victory Christian Academy where he was honored as first time all country twice, earning him a four-star recruit rating entering his college recruitment. September 01, 2015: Transfer Cecil Cherry transfers to USF Bulls June 10, 2015: Enrollment Cecil Cherry enrolls at Texas Longhorns February 04, 2015: Signing Cecil Cherry signs letter of intent to Texas Longhorns December 15, 2014: Commitment Cecil Cherry commits to Texas Longhorns December 08, 2014: Decommit Cecil Cherry decommits from Tennessee Volunteers
  3. Tough, physical and one of the biggest hitters in the country. Doesn’t have great length but makes up for it with quickness and instincts. Plays angry and brings a ton of energy and passion to the field that is contagious for his teammates. Can run sideline to sideline, is a sure tackler and plays with a serious to his game. Very good closing speed, has improved as a pass rusher and can cover backs and tight ends as well. Has battled some back injuries that hurt his development so his game should take a big leap when he can devote a full off-season to strength and conditioning. Projects as a impact upper tier Power 5 starter and future mid round NFL draft pick.
  4. Didn't we have a linebacker who left after like the first week of school?
  5. I would be fine with that. I forgot that he was still committed, anyway.
  6. What they don't know is that I'm going to write UW all over Sweat's car and beat it with a baseball bat the day before the team travels to NO.
  7. 47 pt spread with a roster of 17.5 scholarship players.
  8. I don't know. They are jumping through the window to get out now.
  9. Good size. Looks like a good blocker. Good athletic ability. Good numbers...
  10. The low ranking of Wilson is a head scratcher. His dad was good in the NFL and was just a little bigger. His film looks good. His production looks good. He was an early target. I think the only knock is that he isn't in a talent rich state with lots of $9.95 analysts.
  11. I would hope he is more explosive. Beck weighs 40lbs more. Maybe, he means more explosive as a recruit - but I doubt people have any clue how explosive Beck was in high school.
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