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  1. Is this the same guy who shot the FBI agent at the Rainey St. bar while he was in town investigating Nate Paul?
  2. 2021 tOSU Starter C.J. Stroud Class in 2021: RS Freshman Measurables: 6-feet, 3-inches, 205-pounds Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, California Backup Kyle McCord Class in 2021: Freshman Measurables: 6-feet, 3-inches, 215-pounds Hometown: Mt. Laurel, New Jersey Where things stand Stroud has been the projected starter since the season concluded last year. It’s even more locked in since Ryan Day named him the starter recently. And while there has not been a backup officially named, it sure feels and looks like Kyle McCord has taken on that role, with Jack Miller close behind. The question remains — when will five-star Quinn Ewers enter the fray?
  3. If you feel like you could trust the guy without a written contract, that is the one you probably want doing the work. And to the contrary, never do business with a guy you don't trust. But as for the wording of the contract itself, you might want time incentives and punishments but for a short project it may not make any sense. Under no circumstances should yo pay more than half before the job is done and under no circumstances provide money before the first day on the job. Also, get an idea of what his costs will be before the project begins. This will help you both. A lot of homeowners think contractors are ripping them off when in reality the costs are higher than what they think they are. Know how much cabinets and sinks and faucets and appliances will cost. Know what a plumber costs for a day. Know how much a permit costs.
  4. Sounds familiar. I think I was in Santa Fe and heard a song on it called Lamy Kitchi-Gami.
  5. I don't understand. Something tells me you were at a Mississippi crossroad and sold your soul for a Canadian Cooch.
  6. but sadly, no. And the young women at the beach resorts are starting to call me sir.
  7. You laugh now, but you will be cheering when we get there (but only if Cam is at guard).
  8. The relationship between arm length and height is weird. He might lose height but gain arm length, making the move back out to tackle an obvious one. It's hard to say. And Codaxx, Flood cross-trains his OL and wants to get the best 5 on the field. Cam could start at guard and if there is an injury at tackle, he could slide over. Also, it is always possible that CAM could be a backup at all OL spots and get in to spell others or start if someone gets injured. It is a long time between now and the NC game.
  9. I think this offensive is coming sooner rather than later. My guess is very early April. So, if that is true, it is better strategically to hold Bakhmut for another week and a half. I agree though: If there isn't an imminent offensive, losing a lot of trained soldiers in Bakhmut was a bad idea.
  10. My grandmother had some neat pics where she traveled by ship from the US to Germany in the 1930s to visit cousins. She was relatively young at the time. A lot of the cousins she visited never made it through the 40s. I'm sure it was a hard journey from a small town in the south and I suspect it was relatively expensive. The pics of pre-war Germany were very interesting as well.
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