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  1. We agree. I was responding to a poster who said that Collins was leaning towards returning. At this point, he is probably an UFA, so he very much should be leaning towards returning. Otherwise, I would say: Become a starter on the DL in college before you try to start in the pros.
  2. Besides Murphy and Sweat, maybe Trill. Collins has the talent but he has always been very inconsistent. But he is better than Broughton who has bird legs and doesn't take the game seriously enough to succeed in the NFL.
  3. We seem very reactionary these days. We need to be proactive.
  4. Better now than when Iran becomes a nuclear power.
  5. The Alabama/Michigan game should be even money. Both teams will struggle to score. I'm thinking that it will be right around 21-17 when the fourth quarter ends.
  6. I agree that Alabama should have been left off. After we beat them, most aggies were saying that this was the worst Alabama team since they joined the SEC.
  7. I do think the second four are roughly equivalent to the first four. Washington, Michigan, Texas, FSU Alabama, Oregon, Georgia, tOSU. Alabama and Georgia would beat Michigan and FSU. tOSU and Oregon would beat FSU. There just isn't a dominant team this year. The trend will probably continue as the portal diminishes depth and eliminates roster holes. This means that it becomes harder for elite teams to pick on weaker opposing players and any injury makes an elite team vulnerable.
  8. I need a translator before I try to answer the question.
  9. Man, I want to see us in the playoffs as much as anyone, but if it requires me to watch the Louisville/FSU game and Michigan/Iowa game, I'm not sure I can do it. And I have one of my degrees from Louisville.
  10. He's a sooner so it's probably meth or glue.
  11. If they want to protect the QB, that should be an ejection. It was much worse than most targeting penalties.
  12. @blacklab's avitar was a Louisville Cheerleader.
  13. Please send all Hamas fighters to Russia so they can help. It will be nice to have everyone in the same place.
  14. I'd like to amend my earlier statement.
  15. He will get off quicker than Deshaun Watson at a massage parlor.
  16. Why no evidence? Are we talking a weave?
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