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  1. sounds like basketball and centers. We need a decent number of young defensive tackles because our defensive tackle high school recruiting has been meh through multiple cycles.
  2. It seems like USC rarely has good defensive backs so I was surprised to see how many DBs in the NFL are from California.
  3. Pics of eldest daughter - I'm way younger than BB.
  4. For sure, Sealy, Fulshear, Magnolia, Conroe, Baytown, Dayton, Texas City, Angleton, and Wharton are all Houston.
  5. I saw a nice sized rattlesnake on Friday while mountain biking in a preserve in Cedar Park. It kind of startled the wife, but it was just slithering across the path so there wasn't anything to worry about.
  6. I would shoot every last person writing graffiti in Indian caves and walking their dogs without leashes in the park and on the trails, poison their carcasses, mix it into my chili, and feed it to every class action attorney in the US. So, suffice it to say, my kids know how to care for the environment.
  7. Why should a handful of attorneys get rich off the backs of the employees of these businesses?
  8. I'm pretty sure Jolline Stange aka Jolene has a restraining order against Welshy.
  9. Have you contacted Shapiro & Klein to try to settle out of court?
  10. That could surely help my old soul straighten things out.
  11. Wouldn't girth be circumference? Diameter don't mean shit.
  12. Well they were the original white supremacists - It is quite a group for minorities to migrate towards.
  13. The Nazi Persecution of Black People in Germany When the Nazis came to power in 1933, there were several thousand Black people living in Germany. The Nazi regime harassed and persecuted them because the Nazis viewed Black people as racially inferior. While there was no centralized, systematic program targeting Black people for murder, many Black people were imprisoned, forcibly sterilized, and murdered by the Nazis. Key Facts The Nazis harassed and discriminated against Black people in Germany. The regime’s racial laws limited their social and economic opportunities. The Nazi regime forcibly sterilized an unknown number of Black and multiracial people, including at least 385 multiracial Rhineland children (derogatorily called the “Rhineland Bastards”). There was no coordinated arrest wave targeting all Black people in Germany. Nonetheless, many Black people ended up imprisoned in workhouses, prisons, hospitals, psychiatric facilities, and concentration camps.
  14. We sure are going after a lot of top defensive ends. I wonder if we only want two. Even though it has been discounted, maybe Jackson allows some recruiting flexibility because he can move inside. Lance Jackson Marco Jones Smith Orogbo Javion Hilson
  15. <statsman> He stayed on scholarship, ate with the team, practiced with the team, stood on the sidelines. He was even mentored by Borden, while Molitor had to flee campus. <statsman>
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