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  1. And I’ll always thank him for being the source of some great breakdowns
  2. The only famous, well-known umpires are the shitty ones. Seriously. Angel played you all for fools.
  3. I’m a secondary gator fan but the team did absolutely nothing this year to warrant a spot in the tourney. Point taken about the #4 seed
  4. How the fuck did Florida make the tourney? And as a 3 seed?
  5. What’s more American than not wanting to work?
  6. Not netflix but the second part of “The Jinx” just wrapped up on Max. It’s unreal the kind of leeches Bob Durst surrounded himself with.
  7. Got nervous when they showed the runner looking to at the third base coach for direction
  8. If I knew our third baseman looked like that I would’ve started following the team sooner
  9. That play off the wall was more impressive than the throw. Damn.
  10. Tires is pretty good. Stavros is the best actor out of the bunch by far.
  11. Judge is very quietly leading the entire MLB in OPS right now.
  12. First base clearly had foot off the bag. But damn that was a fuck of a play by the shortstop.
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