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  1. SOCs athletic trainers look like girls you would want to have your back in any kind of physical confrontation. SOC wins but you’d have to think PNG will be favored next week. The golden bear offense is terrible but that defense is elite.
  2. Don’t think so. SOC just punched it in with 2:50 left in the game. 14-6 golden bears.
  3. And by 10-7 Argyle I mean 7-6 SOC. Unbelievable choke job by Argyle inside the 5 and they have to settle for a FG. Thought a TD was a given.
  4. SOCs QB is truly horrible. They’re getting screwed over big time by penalties but Argylejust seems to be better all-around. 10-7 Argyle in 4th.
  5. What in the fuck happened to Liberty Hill
  6. Dude has some god-awful technique and footwork. But when you can just toss your opponents in high school aside like he can it doesn’t matter too much. I remember him from last year, he does seem a little improved this year.
  7. It’s weird that doesn’t happen to every famous/rich male ever then. Poor Deshaun. I think some men do get falsely accused, and those accusers should absolutely receive consequences. But it’s incredibly naive to read the facts of Deshaun’s case and come away with he never did anything wrong and all 20+ of those women were just out to get him. And fwiw several of his accusers did come forward publicly.
  8. Also many of the school districts stream the playoff games live on their YouTube channel.
  9. Pulling hard for Cuero, CC Vets, Poth, and Refugio (next week). The only South Texas teams left. I also want Boerne to win just because of proximity. Every Austin area school can go fuck itself, region 4 my ass. Cuero will easily dismantle Wimberley, same for Poth & whatever the hell school that is they’re playing. Boerne wins a tight one. CC Vets hangs tough for a half but the talent difference shows up in the 2nd half and they lose. Other games of interest to me: Westlake will steamroll NS, 35-7ish type score. Prosper wins a tight game decided by Duncanville mistakes, Katy obliterates Vandy, Guyer mouthfucks DeSoto, Longview beats Aledo, Argyle beats SOC by a couple scores.
  10. Yep. Anyone that hasn’t said otherwise by now is a lock to play. That’s true of any player really.
  11. So he actually will be playing in the Alamo Bowl. Risky but definitely says a lot about him, hopefully he goes out with a win.
  12. They looked worse individually. Still doesn’t scream “zomg heisman!!” Like Wash fans suggest. He’s very beatable.
  13. I’ve already said it a lot, I’ve watched him play multiple times. I have no idea why anyone thinks he’s any good. He’s good at padding stats I guess but against any opponent with a pulse he sucks. Our pass rush will overwhelm them. We’ll win somewhere in the 42-10 or 35-7 range. Check out his stat lines vs ASU & UCLA if you don’t believe me.
  14. Saquon did everything in college, was an electric kick returner and great receiver. So was CMC. I put Bijan behind those two.
  15. That kid raked in some big NIL deals and in all likelihood will be a 1st round draft pick anyway when the time comes. I really doubt he ruined his future as you suggest by going to JSU. Also the staff Deion put together at JSU was no joke, as they had more coaches with NFL experience than FSU did. And I don’t think the gap on S&C and nutrition is all that huge after the resources that got put into the JSU program. It’s not like FSU is Bama.
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