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  1. Look for Brownsville to come out throwing it. PSJAN went into that game thinking run all the way and had no answer for when vets started chucking it around. Their QB Montoya has an arm kind of, and they have a very good WR in Gerry Gomez. Their TE Nick Tovar is huge and they’ll probably try to get him involved. They’re also a triple option team though, so you’ll probably see a lot of fumbled exchanges. They had 4 turnovers vs Miller and survived somehow.
  2. It was a few years ago that every FBS school in Florida had a losing season I believe, or at least didn’t make a bowl game. Goes to show that being in a talent rich state isn’t enough.
  3. Uh.. I think “who’s the only guy at the counter that didn’t react” is a way more efficient way to ask your question
  4. 4 game august sweep with a bunch of rookies last year says otherwise. Tide is turning and you know it, I’ll just leave it at that.
  5. This isn’t the Mets or padres stupidly spending money on a bunch of random players. This is a core that been together years adding one of the best players in the game. If they can just stay goddamn fucking healthy we’re a force.
  6. Damn it, last I’d heard a few weeks ago Trinity was tearing it up in D3. Looks like they got bounced already
  7. Every single big offensive acquisition since then has been on the wrong side of 30 (except Stanton) with a monstrous injury history. Every single one. This time it’s different and the rest of the league should be afraid.
  8. Volpe, Gleyber, Rizzo, Judge, Soto, Stanton, Dominguez after he comes back from injury, Verdugo, DJL, Austin Wells. Oh and Cole and the Yamamoto guy from Japan at the top of the rotation. Get off the fucking tracks when the train comes through
  9. Lol. That’s not a complex play/concept at all. Hopefully UT can actually set the fucking edge for one, Oregon didn’t come close there. Someone needs to fly up and take on those pulling guards, keep outside arms free. I was a DB up through 9th grade, best one on team but quit to focus on baseball. Once I see that toss coming to my side I’m leaving the WR and forcing that RB back inside. Personally I would’ve stripped the ball and taken it 95 the other way.
  10. I hope everyone on this board that thought I was a moron and a shitty poster has new perspective after this influx of huskies.
  11. Yeah Liberty H’s offense is gimmicky bullshit. If the rules get enforced they have nothing.
  12. 4 confirmed dead so far. All probably having one of the most normal days of their lives until gunshots started. Crazy.
  13. Better to focus on that than why he’s had a warrant out for his arrest for nearly the past 2 years and SAPD/BCSO weren’t looking for him or able to locate him. Dude had a LinkedIn for fucksake
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