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  1. Dick Fitts was a legend in the Yankee fan world, was hoping we’d hang on to him. Not because he’s any good but because of his name.
  2. Hardcore Husky sounds like a pretty fucking depraved porn category
  3. So what’s it like to pee sitting down? I can eat a large hand tossed 3 topping and still hit 225 on the bench after my food settles. It’s called being a man.
  4. Probably SV, they’ll be big favorites on Friday. Steele would be an underdog I would think. Glad to see them get it together after a few down years though, they’ll be good next year too. B-vets has a lot of sophomores and juniors playing as well.
  5. Helobious

    2023 Heisman

    Rome Odunze & that LSU WR both have better stats than Harrison
  6. Yeah I think so. Lost state title game to aledo.
  7. I’ll be honest my only memory of that guy is of him getting torched in the Michigan game last year. Pete K can fix him though
  8. Hung with those Calallen teams? Not sure, different eras and all that. Calallen was as smashmouth as they come. But those Calellen teams back then did struggle in the playoffs when they played teams that… you know, had a lot of players like Miller has.
  9. I don’t know how long but it’s been awhile since Calallen competed above the 5A D2 level. Those 90s-00s Danaher era teams were just machines though, until they played La Marque anyway. Miller was 13-0 this year with a very high powered offense and some atypical athleticism for a South Texas team, they were pretty heavy favorites. I watched some of SV’s highlights from last round and they actually aren’t all that much bigger in the trenches than the undersized Brownsville team. I think Miller had bigger guys on the lines, especially #74. The difference will be that SV is coached 10x better than Miller. B-Vets will be a big underdog, but that’s what they’ve been the past 3 rounds anyway. Hoping for a miracle. The one thing I do think is clear is that the SV-Brownsville winner will get slaughtered by Aledo in the title game. I’ve watched all 3 teams play, there’s no comparison.
  10. PI did it a couple times in the 80s & 90s. Mission did it with Koy Detmer at QB in 1990, and of course Donna is the only one to ever bring home a state title, early 1960s.
  11. PI did it in 2003 in 3A. Edinburg high did it in 5A (6A equivalent at the time) in 1999, losing to some Aldine school.
  12. What a horrendously stupid post. Cardale Jones fucking lit up Wiscy in that conference title game. It was obvious they could be a force with him at QB. FSU’s backup sucked shit against a terrible Florida team, and then his backup played even worse in the CCG.
  13. If any of these talented headcases need a home, want immediate playing time, and want to be part of building something great, UTRGV kicks off in 2025.
  14. They’re definitely out to prove they didn’t need the sign stealing to win and now feel validated by the tOSU win. However they’re about to find out how impossible it is to overcome a vast talent difference.
  15. My predictions are no more often incorrect than anyone else’s yet they receive 3x the coverage. I’ve got a 31-17 Bammer win. 2024 is the year the “Helo Curse” dies once and for all.
  16. Can Stroud run? Never really seen him do it. Also does he simultaneously play for the Texans and the buckeyes this year?
  17. Buc stadium in Corpus will be rocking. BISD is giving all campuses earlier dismissal Friday as well.
  18. An 11-1 first year starting QB transferring is crazy. The hell is going on at Ohio state.
  19. r/MichiganWolverines is hilarious. They are all outraged that FSU didn’t get in. That should tell you everything about who the better team was.
  20. The announcers were Joe Bowling and Aaron Saenz. Right before the final play Saenz points out to Bowling that there were 41,000 people watching the stream and you can hear Bowling get emotional. He started streaming games completely by himself with a cheap camera and headset years ago because he wanted to get more exposure for RGV athletes and give families that couldn’t afford to travel to games a way to watch. Dude would be one of 5 people in the stands at a random summer league basketball game passionately calling the game to 5 viewers on YouTube. But he’d be at it everyday, for years. Eventually he got advertisers, started Rio Sports Live, got more people involved, and expanded coverage throughout South Texas.
  21. *more than 15 yards downfield. He had done nothing but complete WR screens and throw passes wildly off target up to that point, then once I hit submit reply he turned into Dan Marino.
  22. Yeah judging from his posts it’s clear he’s made his choice. He’s to be given no quarter.
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