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  1. First base clearly had foot off the bag. But damn that was a fuck of a play by the shortstop.
  2. 3rd base coach fucked that up royally. Wave the runner home. No fucking shit they know to touch 3rd base on the way home.
  3. 2 outs, you’re on second, ball hit to a gap. You run and don’t stop until you get back to the dugout.
  4. I can remember when he got called up in 2021. I had no idea he was still rookie eligible. He’s on pace for a cy going with how he’s going
  5. WBC feels wrong without San Diego or Arizona.
  6. It’s apparent that having the best player in the sport is worthless. See Angels with Ohtani and Florida with Jac Cags
  7. Stark contrast to Maryland-Eastern Shore, who just finished an 0-48 season. No, really.
  8. Has Goldy gotten his OPS over .600 yet?
  9. If you can’t get excited about players wearing a sheisty you don’t deserve this game. That’s going to be dope as fuck
  10. I think you’re glossing over Bryce Harper’s injury history. The Yankees were winning even while getting less than nothing from Judge & Stanton earlier this year. And we haven’t had Cole or Dominguez at all yet. Your take is simply terrible.
  11. What? The Phillies are an entire 1-2 against teams with a record over .500 this year. They’ve played no one. The Yankees are 15-7 against teams over .500
  12. ‘Member how we’re 11-3 against you over the past two seasons?
  13. 7 wins in a row. Also Jasssson is obliterating Low-A pitching so far during his rehab starts. Hopefully he’s back up in Triple-A/MLB land in a couple weeks.
  14. How’s the view from 2nd place?
  15. If you’re wondering how shitty the Mets are, they just blew a 4 run lead in the 9th inning to the Marlins, and got walked off in extras.
  16. Anchored a sub 40-sec 4x100 team at the state track meet. That still got third place because Atascosita & Duncanville exist.
  17. Just watched Menace II Society for the first time. I had always thought it was a comedy like Friday or something. I was very wrong. Good movie but damn.
  18. Short answer is no, the long answer is also no. He has size, speed, and the skills. The only thing is you have to assume that someone that commits to Ohio State has some character/judgement flaws.
  19. Apparently Teambuilder is coming back. Thats going to be nuts. San Antonio State Fightin’ Cholos here we come.
  20. He’s facing some pretty serious prison time if those charges were to stick (they won’t, or at least they shouldn’t). It’s unreal how readily cops will ruin someone’s life because they got their feelings hurt or they felt disrespected.
  21. Was it also Louisville where a traffic cop blatantly lied about a similar situation recently? Said a driver ignored his commands to stop and dragged him several yards. Driver was arrested for all kinds of serious felonies, until another driver’s dashcam proved the cop wasn’t dragged at all, he just literally ran into the vehicle after it already stopped. Charges dismissed.
  22. Lolwut? He was fucking garbage until he did roids out of his mind that one season. He wasnt even mediocre overall, he was just bad.
  23. He’s arguing self-defense, as after the argument had spilled outside the attorney did push him to the ground. Let’s see if “stand your ground” applies the same way.
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