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  1. You should maybe read the article instead of stopping at the point that you felt validated at. It’s not some random blind guessing game as you suggest, there is science put into it. It’s imperfect as almost everything is, but that doesn’t mean it’s invalid.
  2. That’s nonsense https://www.nist.gov/news-events/news/2018/02/how-good-match-it-putting-statistics-forensic-firearms-identification
  3. He and Goram-Welch were two guys that super obviously were not FBS talents.
  4. Wow they fucking destroyed Baylor. 26 points.
  5. Finished it, loved it. I have a giant crush on Ortega. She was hot in X too.
  6. I like text or email for work related stuff so there’s a written record of what was said when. But if someone calls and I recognize the number I’ll answer. I’m a millennial and mostly communicate by text with family/friends.
  7. I haven’t been since the original owner died & it burned down. I heard it sucks now.
  8. Many are looking at a random home invasion stabbing attack in 2021 in Oregon that left one dead. Also a break-in around 3am, victims stabbed as they slept, no suspect. Cops believe it’s unrelated https://www.statesmanjournal.com/story/news/crime/2022/11/25/police-investigating-stabbing-murders-idaho-salem/69677291007/
  9. Purdue-Mich is going to be a great game. Purdue has never lost to a top 5 ranked team, and Brohm is 3-0 against such opponents.
  10. Yeah Michigan is in for a dogfight. Purdue is top 5 team kryptonite. It’s kind of amazing.
  11. That game was something else. 11 games of ground and pound boring/sometimes shitty offense and then you show up to your biggest game of the year and say “fuck you we’re going deep every play”. Then come out in the 2nd half and it’s “oh you adjusted? lol jk we’re going to run it over your fucking face now”.
  12. Ohio state has been eating michigan’s lunch recruiting wise forever. I have no idea how they get straight up dominated 2 years in a row like that.
  13. This is fucking awesome. Complete quit on the part of the buckeyes.
  14. If any part of your body is behind the LOS it’s a legal pass.
  15. That was massively stupid. Quick buckeye TD incoming.
  16. McCarthy has the shit-eating grin thing down perfect.
  17. I know they’ll win today but OSU is going to get smashed in the CFP.
  18. He drilled the fuck out of that FG. Would’ve gone through if the goalposts were 5 feet wide.
  19. Ballgame. They can’t stop Ohio state. You’re best bet at keeping this competitive is to try and double up scores around halftime.
  20. Every OSU receiver is better than any receiver we’ve ever had. It’s crazy.
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