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  1. Take one step forward if you saw this squad winning 106. Not so fast, everyone.
  2. 1/3 IP with 2 hits, a run, and 2 RISP is not ideally how you want to close out your regular season.
  3. Stanek sets the franchise record for lowest ERA by a reliever.
  4. US hydrocarbon production has nearly fully recovered to pre-COVID levels. Domestic crude production is down roughly 1.1M barrels a day from the record of 13M set in December 2019, but essentially offset by an increase of roughly 1.1M/day in NGLs. EIA predicts domestic crude production to reclaim the previous level of 13M/day and possibly set a new record by late 2023. Edit to add: Also, the crude numbers are only updated through the end of July 2022. I wouldn't be shocked if we're already bumping back up against 12M/day at this point.
  5. Interesting, I read the exact opposite this morning. Guess it's always worth waiting for the official announcements. Saudis now saying that it will represent a "real" cut of about 1.1M barrels a day.
  6. OPEC+ cutting 2M barrels a day off their current production, not their theoretical quotas they already aren't reaching.
  7. In what manner would Russia's maximum bargaining stance differ from Elon's proposal here? I think they'd be happy will all except for a re-do of their sham elections (in territories already being reclaimed). "We keep all the additional territories we've claimed in this invasion, you forego any claim to Crimea, and agree never to join NATO. In return, we'll quit making nuclear threats that have the Elon Musks and Clint Ehrlichs of the world crying on Twitter."
  8. Blastfurance is essentially kaput. Weather won't be quite as nice this week as last, but temps above 90 will become increasingly rare. Looking like pretty typical October weather for the first half of the month. Another weak front is supposed to pass through on Saturday, bringing overnight lows back down to around 60.
  9. 104-55 already has us at our 2nd winningest season in franchise history. Obviously if we sweep the Phillies we can tie 2019, but I think we'll take 2/3 and finish 106-56. I will gladly eat a small spoonful of crow. I figured we would comfortably win the division, but at something like 94-68. I definitely didn't expect to give the 2019 squad a run for its money. Mostly because I sure as shit didn't expect the pitching staff to be this fucking good.
  10. Forecast shows 58 as the low for both tomorrow and Friday in Houston. Northern suburbs gonna get fairly close to 50. Pretty damn solid for a September front.
  11. Forgot that my wife bought a package during that Astros Charity Game a few weeks. Just showed up yesterday, pretty good haul. Came with vouchers for 4 tickets to any regular season game, 4 vouchers for any single day of the Houston Open, and vouchers for tour of MMP. 2 bobbleheads, 4 replica championship rings, a ball signed by Jose Cruz, and an Astros Foundation RTIC sling cooler. Believe he's referring to 3rd in HR total.
  12. 66 in Houston when I took the dogs out for a walk this morning. Was so nice out that I took an extra long route that lasted almost a full hour. Dogs will probably not move off the couch until I get home this evening. Nice thing about this front is that, unlike most early Fall fronts, this one appears to have a good 5 days of staying power. Usually these things peter out after about 48 hours and then swampiness quickly returns, but this one looks like it'll stick around at least through Sunday morning.
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