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  1. In hindsight, pretty sure I had COVID. Never taken anywhere near that long to recover from a simple cold or the flu. Still had a couple spells this weekend where I felt like I could hardly stay awake, and I could hardly smell anything starting Sunday. Still a bit of congestion, especially in the mornings, but the cough is all but gone and I have my normal energy levels back. Sense of smell came back today as well. Started lifting again on Monday. Only did about 80% of normal weight, but it's a start. Just did cardio again yesterday, but planning to lift again this evening. Hate getting de-railed like this, as it feels like losing 2 weeks ends up setting you back a month. It's like an anti-fitness multiplier. Oh well, at least I'm finally truly on the mend and getting back at it. Being sick like that for nearly half a month fucking sucks. Just saps all of the enjoyment out of life.
  2. Guy put up really good numbers over 68 IP in '22. Was terrible in very limited use (18 IP) last year. May have been injured. Presuming this is a depth move and nothing more.
  3. Caratini to Stros. 2nd catcher pursuit is done, and more importantly, any lingering threat of a Maldy comeback.
  4. Ugh. Haven't lifted in exactly 2 weeks now. Lingering effects of the flu have sapped my energy dating back to the Sunday before last. Even after the worst symptoms passed, I've had a lingering cough and congestion and have been falling asleep super early and waking up dead tired in the mornings. Managed to do some cardio after work every day this week, but just haven't felt like I have anywhere near enough strength to lift. Longest I've gone all year. That said, trying to look on the bright side. This may have been what I needed to finally rest my arm. Developed a bit of tendonitis in my left elbow over the last several months. On my first set of curls every arms day, it feels like something's about to pop. It loosens up afterwards, but definitely concerning. My lingering cough has pretty much dissipated, and I feel like I'm back to about 90% of normal energy levels. Planning to ease back into normal exercise schedule on Monday. Probably gonna feel weak as hell and may even be sore afterwards, but I can't let much more time pass. Hopefully by the end of December I'll be back to where I was in mid-November.
  5. 60+ year old Tommy Victor still rocking out with Prong. This song sounds like it could have easily come out back in the mid-90's, alongside "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck"
  6. Markets falling like whoa? Not in November. All 3 major indices kicked ass this month. In the last 30 days: Nasdaq 12789->14226 (+11.15%) SPX 4166->4567 (+9.6%) DJIA 32928->35951 (+9.15%) Nasdaq and SPX are back to just 1% below their high-water marks for the year. Dow is at its highest level in 23 months.
  7. Made it out to the lease Wednesday despite getting sick earlier in the week. Wasn't fully recovered but needed to get out of the house and was gonna be heading that direction on Thursday anyways. Almost passed on heading out to the stand that afternoon but sacked up and dragged myself out. Ended up getting my first kill at this place. Didn't get a chance to actually weigh him, but this grungy SOB had to be at least 150 lbs just based off how much of bitch he was to drag off into the woods by myself. Coyotes got quite a little Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of me. Most of him was already gone when I stopped by again Thursday morning.
  8. Really shitty timing on getting sick. Wife left Sunday morning to go spend first half of Thanksgiving break with her family before coming back tomorrow. I was supposed to have a relaxing Sunday with the house all to myself and then 2 quiet days to get a bunch of stuff done at work and around the house before starting a 5-day weekend. Started feeling the early stages of something coming on not long after getting back from dropping her at the airport Sunday. Thought maybe I just had a delayed hangover, but could tell it was something more by sunset. Passed out on couch at 8:45 Sunday and woke up probably 8=9 times over the course of the night. Yesterday was the shittiest I've felt in a loooong time. Fever, aches, chills, fatigue. Still had to drag myself out of bed and get some work done. Spent the entire evening just laying on the couch. Maybe got 2 hours of actual sleep last night. Feels like I'm finally getting over the hump today. Praying to god I can actually get some sleep tonight and wake up feeling halfway normal tomorrow.
  9. I think it may finally be happening. Just posted on their IG page yesterday that they're about to start hiring staff.
  10. Some news on the long-vacant Sears property on N Shepherd. Mixed-use development planned. https://www.theleadernews.com/community/former-sears-site-in-garden-oaks-set-for-redevelopment/article_50279192-856c-11ee-b4a9-0fd16ab80222.html
  11. Time for my annual Black Friday game buying spree. Couple of highlights on some recent hits. Resident Evil 4 Remake: $39.99 Final Fantasy XVI: $39.99 Jedi Survivor $34.99 Prices seem to be identical at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy, though the window for when that price is valid varies.
  12. Those of you that consider anything below 70 to be "cold" get a reprieve this weekend. Gonna warm back into the mid 70's, but nothing like the sultry summer days we saw early last week. Loving the current forecast for next week, assuming it pans out. Monday gonna start out unseasonably warm, but another fairly robust cold front will move through at some point, bringing some rain chances Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning. After that, things dry up and cool down. Wednesday and Thursday look like ideal Fall days. Sunny, calm, with highs around 60 and lows in the high 40's. Can't ask for much a better Thanksgiving setup. Extended look through end of the month looks very "November." Mostly cloudy and moderate daily rain chances. Temps in the 50's and 60's mostly.
  13. Used car prices continuing to slowly come back down to earth.
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