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  1. Some people are just born assholes. Blame him.
  2. Wordle 473 4/6* Daily Quordle 254 quordle.com #waffle257 1/5 streak: 1 wafflegame.net #Worldle #257 1/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr
  3. I pass back and forth between agnosticism and deism, depending on my mood. Either way, my belief doesn't matter because if there's a god, (s)he's going to do god stuff, which (s)he hasn't done in a long, long time. I don't believe that the all-knowing, filled-with-jealousy-god of other gods of the Old Testament was a thing though. That's just full of contradictions. As for a believer in Jesus, I probably side with those who think he was an actual historical figure and that he was a righteous dude, regardless of his divinity, and I try to live my life according to the golden rule.
  4. Tending to one's own garden or taking care of one's own side of the street seems like the wisest move.
  5. God is gonna spit you out. I was raised in the Southern Baptist tradition and, therefore, understand the hell fire of that faith.
  6. That pansy doesn't understand that rolling coal is "Rough Tough! Real Stuff!"
  7. And my comparison isn't? While the consequences from the law may differ (although you actually do see dissent among some of the urban crowd), their rubes are more likely most fearful of social death than physical retribution just like our own. I don't know if you've ever lived in a small town or a peripheral community, but speaking out against anything but the locally, socially acceptable "party line" can easily cast you as a social outcast.
  8. Yeah, these things are like Jordan Keppler interviews but without the humour.
  9. Sorry. My lazy ass went up thread, and it was Chuckie who predicted what their argument would be.
  10. Who called it up thread or in the demogoguery thread earlier for this new rationale? Was it @Celery Man?
  11. I think this is true. For example, Slorch catches a lot of shit on this board, but I think he's come to see the light on a few things. He may well continue to vote Republican, but he's not overtly MAGA (yes, I understand Trumpism has overtaken the Party). I do believe he's beginning to question and/or moderate a bit. During my 12 years (oh gawd!) of being on this and the old site, quite a few have abandonned the GOP, and I'd largely credit the debates/discussions here for their coming around. I'd almost also say the same thing about Fatty, but he's found his rationale (the bliind desire for a fucking fancy boat and an unneeded arsenal) to continue to support the descent into madness. You can't reach them all though.
  12. I know everyone hates these long-ass YouTube videos, but I'll go ahead and post this nonetheless. It's the same kid we've seen before going around Moscow conducting man-on-the-street interviews asking Muscovites their opinions. This one starts off with asking about the annexations. It's pretty enlightening how dug in some of them are with full-blown theories about how the West, and particularly the US, are trying to take them over for economic gain.
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