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  1. Just wanted to point out the use of English after the hit: "YES!" and "Go fuck yourself!" though they don't sound like native English speakers. The tweet states it's a Ukrainian unit, so I just find that interesting. Do they have foreign soldiers now integrated into their own, and English is used as a lingua franca? Or are Ukrainians just becoming increasingly Westernized and using English sometimes (even among themselves) because they admire the US? I dunno. Just like to think about this stuff.
  2. His statement in the first tweet certainly does NOT apply to this board. I'm pretty sure most here have operated under the assumption that we did/do. We've had discussions about the topic.
  3. Wordle 373 3/6 Daily Quordle 154 quordle.com #Worldle #157 1/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr
  4. No, @clapclapclap hasn't ever come back to share his concerns about political violence. It's a shame, really. I hope he's okay.
  5. Wordle 372 4/6 Daily Quordle 153 quordle.com #Worldle #156 1/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr
  6. I'm beginning to wonder if @clapclapclap is actually concerned about political violence. Of course, given his long history of being a good faith poster, I just have to think the notification system on Surly might not be working. I mean, one would really have to be POS to have not responded by now.
  7. @clapclapclap There's a discussion to be had.
  8. That's how I'm watching it. Don't have cable but get Hulu for free through my cellphone service (now T-Mobile, was Sprint). I'm loving this show. Marcus, the pastry guy, might be my favorite character.
  9. Take it up with the documentary I was quoting from.
  10. I actually have a distinct recollection of this even at a young age though I don't exactly recall which year but I would guess it was around the 1980 timeframe. My best friend at the time, Scott, lived across the street from me. He and I went to the same Southern Baptist church, and our moms had gone to some after hours church meeting/presentation and came back suddenly spouting their opposition to abortion. Prior to that, he and I had never heard any kind of discussion from our moms, but they were suddenly on the warpath. I remember it because we were playing in the dirt, building forts for our army men under a couple of trees and had a discussion about it abortion for the first in our lives, because our moms were so suddenly riled up.
  11. Just to be clear, I personally haven't made any attacks on you, but I do question why you support a party with representatives who state wildly insane things like this:
  12. Thirty minutes later and you're still online, so I guess you are.
  13. Someone should sue Ted Cruz. His daughters are teens, correct?
  14. I think I heard that dickhead cop say "I'm trying to protect you" after she shoved what appear to be her press credentials in his face as if he didn't already notice her mic. Where did this take place?
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