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  1. Well, la-di-da *Squints* I can't see so good, is that Bill Shakespeare over there?
  2. Moments later, Killers of the Flower Moon was heard saying..."Hold my beer"
  3. Did you know much about Marley before seeing the movie? It felt like a puff piece created by the Marley Estate for the sole purpose of boosting profits.
  4. One thing I appreciated about Monk's was the reasonable prices.
  5. Beats going to a casting for a character described as "extremely ugly"...or something similar. I've cast a few of those and it's hard not to feel bad for the person auditioning. Lorne Michael is producing so I think he'll do him justice.
  6. Ease the seat back, indeed. I also love this for a road trip, but because of my college days it always reminds me of drugs. "Promises me I'm as safe as houses, as long as I remember who's wearing the trousers"...great lyric in my book. LA Woman is good for late night driving to keep you awake
  7. I like these We used to sing this as "No Sleep Til Padre" around Spring Break time.
  8. Oops...missed the word "sad", lol. Let me try again...Boys Don't Cry
  9. No. This is why I think that. I think one or the other would get the idea, either musically (Paul), or lyrically (John)...put a demo together and then the other would provide notes, help, ideas, etc. I don't have experience in music, but I have a lot of film experience and think this creative process would work similarly.
  10. Older, but I've been listening to this a lot recently. Utah Saints – Something Good
  11. Is your wife a maestro by any chance?
  12. I still think most of John's post-Beatles music was piano based...not all, but in my brain, it feels like at least 60%...but I have no argument with the overall point you're making. I love Paul's "songwriting" in terms of musical composition, that's been the basis for my entire point. But I think lyrically he's pretty basic. I have no insight, but it seems like Paul writes the music first and works the lyrics around it, while John's songs feel like it starts with lyrics/poetry and he builds the music around that. When I was a kid, my favorite Beatles were obviously John and Paul, since they wrote most of the songs and were essentially the face of the band. However, George became my favorite Beatle after the break-up, because his music feels like a nice mix of John and Paul.
  13. DixonHur

    New Music 2024

    Heard this while driving yesterday...his voice is shot, but how the fuck does a 90 year old still come out with great new music? Willie is the GOAT.
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