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  1. They did... ...they just pretended it was a new idea.
  2. Requiem for a Dream or Black Swan for me. Definitely one of my favorite directors.
  3. DixonHur

    Post your scores

    Memory needs work.
  4. Welp, movie name checks out. Went in expecting it to be dumb but mildly entertaining, and I wasn't disappointed.
  5. I actually liked all of those, but I didn't really connect with EEAAO. I thought it was 3rd or 4th best of the Nominees.
  6. That's really the question. What qualifies as an "odd" or "quirky" film? Does The Lobster count? I loved that one. How about Spontaneous? Palm Springs? Hey @MoJames why don't you list a few films that meet your definition of odd and quirky. I'm certainly happy to play this game. Might even find some movies I haven't seen yet.
  7. No love for the Caribbean?
  8. What says a lot is people who discount Maverick because it has "Top Gun" in the title. It was a well executed, entertaining movie.
  9. wild_turkey get's it. EEAAO was the 3rd or 4th best of the nominated films (IMO, The Whale was the best picture).
  10. and this is what I mean when I say political.
  11. Full disclosure, I am high, and 2 martinis in. But even sober I couldn't figure out the plot of EEAAO. It was an entertaining, yet confused film.
  12. Look, even you didn't think it was the Best Picture. My undergrad is RTF and I worked about a decade in Hollywood, so maybe my standards are too high. But for Best Picture I need to see something inspiring, not just "eh, that was pretty good", which is how I felt about EEAAO. If it were just about movies I'd want to see again, Top Gun would have been the pick for me hands down. But IMO, the best effort in filmmaking for 2022...of the films nominated... was The Fabelmans, followed by Tar, All Quiet on the Western Front, and then EEAAO.
  13. No, Top Gun: Maverick is a proto-type "Hero's Journey" plot.
  14. That's not a plot, it's a character arc
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