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  1. Shoves a girl, punches a dude in a wheelchair, then sucker punches the guy in the wheelchair. Strike three for this prick. Hope he gets his soon.
  2. Hit up craigslist, find a pro advertising at 200 an hour, call her up and have her clear your yard.
  3. Have them stop at the liquor store on the way over
  4. That fat fuck was hiding in the white house bunker during the blm protests (before he had them all pepper sprayed so he could hold up an upside down bible).
  5. Heard Hancock turned the Tour down as well. They prefer hosting the one club challenge.
  6. I'll take a guess and based on the o/g profits coming in last year, they'll find a way to not lower prices even if demand wanes. Hell, they'll probably go up.
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