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  1. Check out posts 33 and 44 in this very thread.
  2. Bus drivers don't get that many concussions
  3. I believe as a Texas alum and fan, it is our God given right to go undefeated every fucking football season. We are the flagship university of the state where football is king. We make and spend more money than anyone else and frankly should be in the conversation every year. I thought it was our year in 83, 90, 01, 04, 05, 08, and 09. We had great teams then but only one national championship. So much has to fucking go right to win one, hell we were denied a chance by a fucking poll where art briles fucked us in our ranking. If that makes me a pussy, oh well you are what you eat, but your and others breathlessly saying we are going to run the table no problem are so very aggy. I know which I'd rather be.
  4. We don't even have to piss down our leg, although that wouldn't surprisee.in the least. Does everyone here bitching about injuries costing us the game think that everyone is going to magically heal during the bye week and we won't see any other guys going down? Good teams have depth and we just don't yet. I swear I'm on Texags with the level of optimism shown here today. It's a really bad look. I get we're all tired of wandering the desert, but this just isn't our year.
  5. Why do you think Texas wins out?
  6. As is the delusional sunshine pumping
  7. Are we going to be able to get 85 seats together or are we going to split the team up into different sections? Because the only way we go to Arlington is in the stands.
  8. Colt is leagues better than Quinn. Honestly I see Quinn playing in Saskatchewan.
  9. I mean someone has to run the offense on the practice squad
  10. I'm shocked some of the idiots defending sark aren't clamoring for a 10 year $100M guaranteed contract
  11. I agree, we're definitely not a threat to be that one loss team.
  12. Hey sunshine pumpers, go ahead and get your championship tickets. https://seatgeek.com/big-12-football-championship-tickets/ncaa-football/2023-12-02-11-am/6107684 Don't forget to post what seats you bought.
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