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  1. Jesus Christ could have been QB1 for USC that night and VY still wins that game.
  2. What is op's business? A realtor B landscaping C Scentsy or other Facebook scam D mopping up loads at the glory hole E attorney
  3. I still want to know what poor shit corn pop did today. Did someone steal his Mexican pizza from Taco Bell when he went inside to make his weekly payment at the strip center car dealership?
  4. He should have said if your sense of manhood is tied to driving a f250 diesel, then you have some other shortcomings you should probably be more concerned about.
  5. All of this, but couldn't someone just get a friend to tell them when their period starts and report that as their own.
  6. Fucking the volleyball player and the other bullying shit was bad, but telling the fat soccer player she needed to watch what she ate seems like something a coach should tell their players. I'm also pretty sure that all teams weigh their players as well.
  7. He's playing Alabama, not Alabama State. Maybe he only struggles with teams that end in State.
  8. He buys batteries at the dollar store and couldn't afford to rebuy his dinner. What makes you think he is going to spring for name brand batteries?
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