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  1. Reed wanted the camera moved away so it would be easier to cheat. I legit hate this dude and would love the chance to tell him to his fat face.
  2. Lol, Street did nothing really in my opinion. I get it he was trying to influence the ump in his favor. The difference is that he realized he was being a jackass, and not a great role model and apologized for it, and honestly I never saw anything like that again out of him. Counter that with the parent the same year that harassed an umpire in the parking lot after the game by telling him the reason he couldn't call balls and strikes was because he was "a slant eyed gook". That parent was knocked on his ass by said umpire. Don't blame him one bit either. Last James Street CSB. About 10 years after I stopped umpiring I was in a SWA flight from Austin to Vegas. I was sitting in a window seat near the rear and Street came in and sat on the aisle leaving the middle seat open. As people walk past us I put shit in that middle seat and tried to encroach in the middle area as much as possible to dissuade someone from sitting in between us. Street looks over and said I appreciate what you're doing but I think this is a full flight. Eventually an old lady came and sat between us and she started bragging about how successful her kids were and asked James what he did and about his children. He congratulated her on their success and said that he was proud of his kids but never once mentioned who he was, or that his son Huston was the closer for the fucking A's at the time. Just an all around good guy and greater Longhorn. RIP 16.
  3. So the final month of his term was exactly like the previous 47 months. Shocked to hear!
  4. It's my experience that people who feel they need to carry a gun are giant pussies.
  5. So fatrick reed is suing Brandel Chamblee and the golf channel for 750 million for defamation. I assume they will make him testify under oath about why he was kicked off the Georgia golf team as well as 3 many times he cheated on tv while on tour. https://www.espn.com/golf/story/_/id/34410268/liv-golf-reed-files-lawsuit-alleges-defamation
  6. I used to umpire and referee basketball and football while I was in high school and college throughout the 90s. Parents have always been shitheads, but at least with coaches you could talk to them before and during the game and they would usually get it. CSB, I was working as part of a three man crew for a WH playoff game and James Street was coaching third (Jordan and Juston were on the team). After the home plate ump called a low strike he made a show of throwing his clipboard in the air and falling to the ground. I was standing right behind him and walked over and asked him if he was having a heart attack. He said no, he was just reacting to the low strike. I asked him if it was consistent with the first 4 innings and he said yes. He got up and after the game apologized to the crew for acting (in his words) "like an ass". He seemed like a great guy and coach. Always positive with the players. Worked probably a dozen of his games over the years including an all-star game where he was coaching against Randy Peschel.
  7. I'm going to switch Hahn with Zeta Jones, not trying to get throat cancer from chomping her box. And I'll make an exception and change the rules back to kill as an option for Heigl.
  8. Coming this spring, Touched by an Angel: Miami
  9. I thought he posted as blacklab, but even Dilbert wouldn't be dumb enough to lose his website in a lawsuit.
  10. Not much to add to what has been said above, but we're pulling for you man. Try to find a good therapist, it's helpful sometimes just to talk to someone.
  11. Mexico wouldn't take him. He'd be a hotter potato than Hyman Roth.
  12. What are we going to do with a heavily modified 52 year old eastern european?
  13. She was taken off of life support and passed.
  14. While we make fun of Abbott being confined to a wheelchair, his real disability is his lack of spine.
  15. It will be so refreshing to have a governor that is bipedal.
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