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  1. no it doesn't bother me. I'm completely ok with the senate structure.
  2. you are 100% correct, and the risk for suicide among straight/cisgender teens is about 5% - which is way, way too high. it's over 12% for LGBTQ youth and those that are at suicide risk may have loving families but many of them, probably most of them do not. as someone who struggled emotionally and mentally in the darkness as a child while living in a vocally anti-gay home, I can tell you the mental stress is tremendous. Somewhere I decided that mental stress and slog had meaning and I did not want to escape it permanently, so I was lucky. Many are not so lucky. I don't know if his daughter is truly LGBTQ but she said she was and she's indicated her pronouns in social media (indicating a solidarity with the T and Q part of our community while her father said his pronouns are "kiss my ass"). So while it may not relate to him, odds are he's not helping. As a parent of a child with mental health issues, I too feel compassion for him as a parent, but my compassion is not blind, odds are he is part of the problem and my compassion bends toward hope even pleading for him to see this as a wake up call.
  3. you disagree that I have no issue with it? ok. it's OG constitution, the purpose is legit imo. sometimes works for one party sometimes for the other, but every state has equal rep based on state existence and I think that's fine. Hawaii would be fucked without Senate rep, same with several New England states, it serves its purpose to be a collective of United States. the fact that one party fucks up representative democracy isn't due to the existence of a senate. you think it sucks. ok.
  4. I have no issue with the senate structure. And it’s actually how the dems will be able to block republicans if they do their job right.
  5. Yeah I’m trying not to get into it but he’s a reason why lgbtq kids run away from home.
  6. That’s why I said I hope she gets out of there and away from him.
  7. Hoping he would take this as a wake up call is probably asking too much. I hope she’s ok, I hope she gets help, and honestly I hope she gets the fuck away from him.
  8. That son of a bitch stole my line.
  9. Second half until 3 mins to go was impressive across the board. Looked like they watched too many “third and Texas” clips down the stretch. Love Cunningham’s energy but he’s not a last three minutes of the game player - and I think beard might agree but cramps getting after everyone and agree about morris needing more minutes. Not worried. This team can D and can ball, make shots, run an offense. They’ve already beaten two top ten teams. Probably thinking they’re invincible a bit up 10. Oops. focus got away from them and truth is 18-22 year olds often only learn the hard way. Loss in a neutral arena to a solid team, it happens. Probably even a good thing. It’s December.
  10. Can’t gerrymander state lines can ya?
  11. No but Barbie and I commiserated together about both of us not having a vagina.
  12. OU (a perennial favorite) certainly has to be on the list this year.
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