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  1. troph


    We deserve it, amirite !?
  2. troph


    Believe me, we know. It’s the non-queer crowd that needs the reminder.
  3. Man he’s not looking like so good of a coach in the big time. Wow.
  4. I'm just gonna say I went sailing yesterday and got laid twice since then. chicks dig boats, but they really dig the sailing types if my sample size of 1 is indicative of anything.
  5. The two times the baseball threads are the worst is the first few losses of the season and when the post season fans show up.
  6. belyeu flipped the bat on that walk like he wears gold chains and has a porn stache and a mullet.
  7. Outfield camera in early season form too. Giving me vertigo.
  8. downtown gotta bring them home there.
  9. For the record I’m here in the early season.
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