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  1. Tennessee looks like the favorite, we will see what team wanna be USA and Kentucky produce but Tenn looks stiff. Fuck rocky top let’s grab Vit and hook em.
  2. Kidding aside he’s the guy, gotta fucking land him. Pretty please baby Jesus CDC and all of surly. Be good to your mommas and let’s hope it happens. Fuck rocky top, let’s hook em.
  3. “Money, a whole lotta spending money…”
  4. Let’s settle, their head coach and pitching coach for the right to be the other UT.
  5. how did I become a Vols fan? Oh I know why. #VitToTexas #bringMrAnderson
  6. In all in on the Merica model let’s do this!!!
  7. NWS European American when KXAN laughs at 11-14 inches you know it’s not been seen in these parts in a long while because ain’t no one laughing at that people could get hurt with that much, uh rain.
  8. my brother in law is a former meteorologist and says this could be the one. he's got one model he's looking at that has 10 inches plus in Cen Tex - bullseye of 14 inches - he's not betting on that model or any at this point but says this is as close as we've gotten to a lake filling opportunity as we've had in the last 3-4 years. Screen shot of what he sent my wife:
  9. Rally caps for thee and not for me. Good luck gata i’m out.
  10. I’m afraid aggy might finally out run their legacy and actually win. This team looks good. Hope Kentucky can ball on Monday.
  11. A&M in the drivers seat, in the CWS… yeah no changes needed here. FML.
  12. It’s what he said in the interview.
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