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  1. I’m telling you not only is he a nut job existential threat to minority groups and democracy, his health and mental acuity is as bad or worse than Biden. but what do we get from the media? * don't care if this was satire, listen to the kook, he's deranged, and has the mind of a toddler with as many real gaffes and fuck ups or more than biden. get him outta here.
  2. It’s time for Harris / Shapiro let’s fucking go. But if Biden truly says he’s staying as bad as that may be then the party needs to shut the fuck up and attack Trump, attack Project 2025, and attack Dobbs and the Supreme Court.
  3. Oh how I wish it would rain… down on me. *life is always better with a Phil Collins song.
  4. Agreed. Someone threw that at me - not saying it was bozo - I don’t remember who it was - and it was infuriating.
  5. Worst fears … not a single part of this has been handled well. it could not be worse. It could not be worse.
  6. Manchin turned in his party card. his opinion doesn’t matter he did more harm than good. GTFO.
  7. But it could be and you all know it.
  8. Will you just pick up the megaphone and get out there? I’ll chip in for gas money.
  9. Agreed. I’ve never laughed when I’ve tuned in. We are still trying to figure out how to beat him and his movement for good.
  10. His whole campaign stump speech is the fascist rhetoric mixed in with a stand up comedy routine. People come to see him they laugh a lot and then they leave liking him. It’s instinctive and frankly genius. Now evil too but (evil) genius nonetheless. He’s been an entertainer since the apprentice. It’s how he inoculates himself from his lies and bullshit, it’s a fucking comedy routine.
  11. Trump at a rally saying (my paraphrase) the dems demanding Biden step aside is proof of them rigging and stealing elections. I'm not agreeing with him obviously. but... he's really good at the rhetoric game. anyone who thinks he's a bad candidate is just not paying attention. he's the most formidable Republican candidate since Reagan. this is a fucking dog fight ladies and gents and we are in a real fucking mess.
  12. I do not advocate for a tame response but I might have to go dark if it gets that bad. Protecting my home and family is one thing, destroying my life by taking on power that is out to get me is just dumb.
  13. needs to be said by everyone a 1000 times. then pivot to the ask for the vote and explain how deep deep deep shit we are in if we don't stop him.
  14. there's no other choice right now. I said that in my rants. he has to step down. I was talking about how fucked up the media, the party and yes I've come around to agree the biden campaign have been to create this problem. the dems have a long history of shitting the bed and eating their own. add an old guy that won't step down early enough to avoid this mess and we have a grade A, grass fed, angus prime time cluster fuck that I don't think we can recover from.
  15. I'd definitely say that to that Gaetz fucker if I sat next to him on a plane. you know matt, can I call you mattie? your eyebrows are on point true but really just a little too on point if you know what I mean.
  16. I'm ambivalent about him surviving too, but my values and the values of the people I admire and respect and the values I want to see in my family, my sons, and our world are antithetical to promoting and advocating for violence. When I get to the end of my line and my loved ones are close to me, I want them to think kindness and compassion won the day along with grit, perseverance and passion for being the very best version of you you can be. So I can't advocate violence against anyone and achieve that - and fuck any piece of shit fascist that's going to take that away from me, they already are going to take everything else from me if they can. I can, should and will control what I can control. I struggle all the time to live my values of kindness and compassion, so this is not a look at me, even typing this I'm like shit I haven't done so good lately. But I know - sometimes on a daily basis - what it's like to be subjected to abject hate. To be direct, some hate I experience directly is here (I never ignored people on message boards until I transitioned now I have over a dozen on ignore because of hate) and most of it is out there in "real life" from people spouting absolutely vile things out their mouth about my kind of people. To be clear though, I'm a gun owner and I have two firearms with ammunition that will blow holes right through a mother fucker that breaks into my home and threatens my life or the lives of my family. If I truly feel like my life or theirs is threatened and at risk I will shoot the perp without remorse (but with fear for my life), but that is NOT violence and I certainly don't advocate for that set of circumstances. So fuck Trump in his goat ass. I can type for days about all the things I think about him, but advocating for his murder from a rando kid or from a political assassin just isn't something I can get behind. I can't get behind advocating for violence against the schmucks who are duped by him either. I think the insurrectionists belong in jail, Trump in jail, and I think LE should crack down on extremism but I'm not going to take up arms or advocate for the taking up of arms against others absent the need to defend oneself. I'm just not.
  17. works both ways bro. only problem is you had no expectation of a relationship, lezzies wanna uhaul that straight woman right after the cuddle time starts.
  18. a few years ago I removed "fascist" from my list of generic insults for people. jk I try not to insult non-public people at all.
  19. that was my point, feel better by saying no one is to blame even though everyone is to blame, or just feel better because it's an awesome song and you can sing what I said to the tune. it was a witty play on words type joke that clearly wasn't a good one.
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