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  1. I loved going here, both because they had stuff set up that you could try out and then later it was fun to see your stuff come out on a conveyor.
  2. I live in a city with lots of tourism and good public transport and every damn day— people who clog up the handrails near the doors and leave the aisles empty. You have to fight them to get on and fight them to get off. If you’re going more than one stop, move into the center of the damn car.
  3. I disagree, there should be a flashing light at 16 and then at 17 a whirling blade that decapitates the person like the first booby trap in The Last Crusade.
  4. How the hell did I miss that she is now the governor of one of our United States?
  5. If some Muslims had shot up a power station so no one could see a performance that insulted Muhammad, that’s all Fox News would talk about for three weeks. Hey, remember when Sharia Law was coming to America? What happened there?
  6. I can’t believe there’s a market for any hard-copy nudie mags. The single reason I could think to buy one is if you’re a centerfold and want it as a keepsake.
  7. For anyone who was in grades 6-10 in the 1990s:
  8. There’s a K-Bobs at Five Points where 77 meets 37. It often beckons on a Houston-RGV drive. Of the “middlebrow weeknight steak”’ places I was partial to Sirloin Stockade.
  9. Here is Moscow on the airfield attacks. I suspect that “two aircraft lightly damaged” means complete hull loss.
  10. Orban’s government implemented price caps on gas and as a result the country is rationing fuel and lots of stations are out of gas. Gas stations in Slovakia across the border are seeing gas queues with HU plates. So Orban decided to drop this shit today, LOL.
  11. The Tu-95 is almost directly analogous to our B-52. Same generation, similar missions, performance. Still a tremendous embarrassment. They have nothing to compare with the B-2 even as we roll out the 6 Gen B-21 and their planned replacement remains mostly vapor ware. Another embarrassment, of a different kind.
  12. Yep. Liked it, too. The one thing about salad bars, I get neurotic if ingredients get mixed. The worst is when someone splashes french dressing into something else because it’s so obvious. It just reminds me of all the filthy, sloppy people who pick over the salad bar. Jason’s is well maintained. Similar thing except I got extremely drunk at a party following a team building thing in Yankee- land. At the hotel the next morning I spooned a bunch of gravy from a chafing dish onto my biscuits (they were next to each other). Sat down, ate one whole biscuit and announced to the table that it was the worst gravy I’d ever had. “That’s oatmeal.”
  13. If something like this was used against Engels, then the bigger game changer is the state of Russian air defense and readiness as this should be one of the most heavily monitored patches of sky in the Russian Federation. Especially during a war with your neighbor.
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