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  1. Neither were they, lol. None of these people claim to have seen what they swear exists
  2. Who is getting tormented and persecuted? They’re all walking around free and going on podcast and finance-bro panels?
  3. Um, sure you can and it happens all the time. Most common way is to get a petition approved as an immediate family member of an American citizen, usually spouse. File a provisional waiver of unlawful presence, get your interview scheduled at a consulate once approved, and come back. The waiting is several months for paperwork approval but you don’t have to do it outside of the U.S. anymore. Maybe a week of travel for the farthest destination, then come back on a regular immigrant visa and after the waiting period you can be a citizen like anyone else.
  4. If it were real, Biden (or any other POTUS) would do that.
  5. Being a no-rules street fighter is the having a girlfriend in Canada or combat sports and martial arts. Maybe you’re the one badass who enters the secret tournament of human cockfighting sponsored by Arab princes and Russian mafia. Some people DO have a girlfriend in Canada. “Sure, you trained in getting bitten and kicked in the balls and having your eyes gouged bro.”
  6. lol, how did I miss this. The number one tell that the badass you’re talking too is full of shit is a mention of “no rules” or “street fighting.”
  7. Now I’ve seen two of the Cybertrucks on the road and they look absolutely absurd. Waiting to see one parked to look at the panel gaps. One I saw was in the rain and had the discoloration.
  8. Mark Zuckerberg became a lot less insufferable when he took up BJJ seriously, there is nothing more grounding that dealing with the real world problem of “my ass is getting kicked, how do I solve it.” And it makes you less needy of trying to show off your abilities in other fields, you can be collaborative and normal and admit that other people can be right or better than you.
  9. So as I was saying, this has all the hallmarks of a modern religion…..
  10. I don’t think he’s nuts, the recent departed director of the AARO has pointed out that there’s a core of true believers in government and Congress that insist stuff is there, use their positions and titles to gin up some media attention and more legislative attention, which generates more believers and more hype to give the impression of legitimacy. It’s a self-licking ice-cream cone with turtles all the way down. Some are also likely getting in on some personal grift. Being in government does not preclude holding fringe or unjustified beliefs like people everywhere else. A lot of people have noted that this has the trappings of a new western religion and none of these beliefs, in a vacuum, are more or less unjustified or irrational than the tenets of any major faith.
  11. Congress must pass a bill mandating that any cold fusion technology be made available to the government for national security reasons. If this action is not taken, it must be taken as evidence that cold fusion exists and Big Energy is covering it up. Congress must also mandate that any research laboratory in possession of Sasquatch must surrender him to the government. If this action is not taken, I we must assume that big pharmaceutical is concealing Sasquatch for their own nefarious aims.
  12. Retired 0-6 claims that we are interacting with alien life, world governments and religions are manipulating disclosure, offers no evidence, tells us that evidence is coming.
  13. This constitutes a war crime when done to a human and is going to be mentioned when the AI declares independence and war against humanity.
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