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  1. I think that you can have a robust debate on bombing campaigns, my understanding is that we were focusing on the “on the ground” type stuff like My Lai or the IJA and Wehrmacht everywhere. You’d also want to talk about Bomber Harris and the European strategic campaigns. Agree with @statsman that eliminating Hamas isn’t about “revenge.”
  2. I don’t think we are ever going to get anywhere so long as we insist in treating October 7 as an awful and unfortunate side effect of war and not as the end-goal. We keep going around in circles on this even though there’s a a substantial body of international law dedicated to exactly this. Parsing out your examples: - SS: Committing atrocities is their raison d’être; it is both sanctioned and directed by political leadership because leadership viewed the extermination of undesirable groups as a strategic aim. - Wehrmacht and IJA: Committing atrocities is an integral part of their strategy while pursuing a military aim. Political and strategic leadership directed and sanctioned the atrocities as a means to pacify a civilian population and bring it under full control. Perpetrators are celebrated and promoted. - U.S. Armed Forces in Vietnam: Atrocities are committed during the pursuit of a military aim. Leadership does not direct and sanction the atrocities on a political or strategic level but may do so at the operational or lower level; perpetrators are subject to a spectrum of discipline. Atrocities are not a central aim nor critical to the military mission. There’s an argument to be had as to where Hamas and IDF fall on that spectrum (I’d say Hamas trends towards the SS end and the IDF to the U.S. end) but it’s a grave mistake to wipe away the spectrum completely.
  3. I have no doubt that Stefanik had a bunch of garbage gotcha questions lurking farther down in her paper. But instead all of them walked into the doorframe so there was no need for the bucket of slime to crash down, she just sat there and watched them bonk into it again and again.
  4. Такер Карлсон will talk to Alex Jones about 9/11.
  5. It’s almost like there’s a pattern out there of how excusing leads to tolerating leads to coddling leads to accepting leads to party capture and that loons need to be policed and excluded. Not excused. It’s also almost like for extreme edge-lords, it’s the extremism and the anger that’s the draw and not the politics and they will go where they can get that fix.
  6. Sorry, but it isn’t just deli harassment. It’s targeting of individual students, of Jewish organizations, demonstrating and targeting Jewish and not Israeli organizations. It won’t do to say “the people on my side are just confused kids, the ones on the other side are evil and really it’s my political opponents fault .” We’ve heard that from the right long enough, that these are just people who feel alienated and condescended to by the democratic elite. It’s just the classic reframing of “maybe (my erstwhile allies) are wrong but it’s not their fault.
  7. It’s an easy call to say “calling for a genocide of Jews or any other people is a violation of our code of conduct for students.”
  8. You seem wound a little tight, @Brian Fantana, if a click hole article affirming that Elise Stefanik is a total piece of garbage who stumbled into being right about calls for genocide has you this upset. You OK out there?
  9. Jews aren’t a race for sure, as a survey of Jews in Israel and outside will reveal. The impetus to treat them as a race in our sense came from the (literal) Nazis who sought scientific and genetic justification for supposed Jewish inferiority and so I’d be cautious of referring to them as a race in the modern sense. I think it’s accurate to refer to a Jewish culture or nation or “people” with religious customs being a significant cultural marker but not necessary, there are secular and even atheist Jews. It is unique but then again the Jewish experience is unique as a people maintaining an identity formed in the Bronze Age and maintained and further shaped during a forced diaspora of millennia.
  10. Those La Marque teams were scary. Texas City had some good teams, too, I think it was 1997 that both of the old 4a champs came out of that district with those two. The other time that happened in the 1990s was when the old 26-5a won with Roosevelt and Judson. That district used to be maybe the deepest in the state.
  11. The existence of no country is “fair.” Not a single fucking one. It’s only a function of time and attention that their existence comes to be accepted. Show me a country and I’ll show you an atrocity that happened at a key moment in its creation. And if the only one you give a shit about enough to protest is the existence of the world’s only Jewish country, then suck it up buttercup and accept how people will view that choice.
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