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  1. Used F-15 Baz strike jets. Israel was as a pioneer in showing how the F-15 could be used in an air to ground strike role. Gorgeous plane.
  2. That is because if you are an undecided in this election, you are an actual moron.
  3. I’m thinking back to PPV Summer Slams and Wrestlemanias and trying to wonder how we got to a place as a country where Hulk Hogan’s endorsement for POTUS is valuable but only after becoming racist. How the fuck did we land on the stupidest fascism ever?
  4. It’s looking more and more like this dude just decided to shoot a president and picked the closest one. We are spending way more critical and political thought talking about it than he did. Also LOL at blaming the DEI secret service or women with guns or whatever instead of the fact that this fucking dude had an easier time getting a carbine than a drink at a bar.
  5. Dorothy Thompson’s essay “who goes Nazi” has been referenced here a lot. Hello, JD Vance.
  6. Vance is dangerous in a unique way, not because he helps in the polls but because he is the distillation of undisciplined populist Trumpism into high-proof American authoritarianism. He has literally been groomed by our worst elites for this role; to cover unadulterated elite autocracy with a veneer of angry white American resentment. He reliably and readily sides with all of our nations’ worst enemies and wants to form common cause with them. He is devoid of any moral compass, and his prior criticism of Trump was only at a moment when he and his groomers believed Trump’s indiscipline served as a hindrance rather than a vehicle to further their own crystalline authoritarianism. He is young and he is being anointed as the successor to refine and develop DJT’s cult of personality into rigid and systematic juche for the next generations.
  7. Stocking institutions with sycophant hacks who will make knowingly awful decisions that they know are illegal and may be overturned is part of the wannabe autocrat’s handbook worldwide. In fact, the more grossly terrible and ring-kissing the decision, the better, because it continues to butter up people to accept that all levels of institutions and governments are theaters for the endless political warfare that are a hallmark of the authoritarian’s rule. Aileen Cannon has done her job, the only one she was ever meant to do. It was unclear whether she’d be called on, but she was.
  8. It’s gonna end up being just the stupidest hodgepodge of junk with no-coherence and we will pore over it hoping to find something out rather than accepting that we are awash in guns and nearly all the killing is because we can’t keep them away from angry men whose brains have not fully developed. From gang violence to school shootings to this, we have a problem because young men have guns.
  9. The head of the USSS worked for them almost 30 years and was hired away from being chief of security for a multinational corporation with income greater than many nations’ GDP. Aside from having a vagina, what is “DEI” about her?
  10. This is absolutely where I am. There were fuckups and we also live in a country where there is no barrier to a 20 year old misfit laying his hands on a carbine and some 5.56. It’s extremely easy and frictionless to get into violent extremism.
  11. Probably so, they likely had been told that the access and security there was covered by state or local and when they noticed it they were trying to figure WTF was going on.
  12. This is likely to boil down to a weak link in the USSS-local law enforcement chain and the failure likely being local. USSS isn’t postured to handle all the security and access control. The advance team almost certainly identified this building and roof and then handed off access and monitoring to local LE. The counter-snipers are going to stay focused on areas farther away, where local LE is NOT able or tasked to provide complete cover because they can’t and because that kind of sniper expertise doesn’t exist. Derpy local LE does a shit job on the wrong day and this is what happens. There will be a review and I bet that USSS alters what it allows local LE to do.
  13. Yeah, asking for the return of a spear offers up some extremely Lacedaemonian possibilities along the lines of Persians demanding earth and water.
  14. Why do I have to comply with the regulations and laws of the countries where I am doing business!!!!!!!!!!
  15. While we are debating tongue slips, Trump’s team is telling NATO we will reduce intel sharing. https://www.politico.com/news/2024/07/10/trump-considering-cutting-intel-sharing-europe-00167503 We are truly on the cusp of electing to destroy ourselves and what we’ve built.
  16. They are getting Dutch and Danish F-16s. The training coalition was announced last July. A year to get an F-16 program going is warp speed in peacetime, TBH.
  17. Elon Musk doing so, so good at taking bots offline from X. The FBI and Canadian/Dutch intelligence services seized and dismantled an X bot network that RT was using for influence operations. Exploiting AI. https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-leads-efforts-among-federal-international-and-private-sector-partners
  18. Today the FBI and Canadian/Dutch intelligence services seized and dismantled an X bot network that RT was using for influence operations. Exploiting AI. https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/justice-department-leads-efforts-among-federal-international-and-private-sector-partners
  19. That phrase plus the sketch “game dog” site registered in the Czech Republic means that they are doing exactly what they’re bred to do. The ancestry info up top is also a give always. Those are being bred to fight.
  20. Grilled squid and head-on shrimp Greek style with a side of potato salad. Slammed and went hard.
  21. There is no way to accurately say how big the shark was based on people looking out from the beach. I am with you in that it was almost for sure a bull shark and probably not close to 12 feet long. Bull sharks going after bait fish bite surfers and waders all the time. But yeah, there are easily 12 foot long hammerheads and Tiger sharks lurking out there. https://www.mysanantonio.com/lifestyle/travel-outdoors/article/Texas-man-catches-12-foot-tiger-shark-at-South-13153089.php https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/wild-chase-leads-texas-angler-catch-massive-hammerhead-shark.amp
  22. Shark and snek are both misunderstood. Go get in the water!
  23. Haven’t seen so, although it got caught on film and by a drone. I would bet money it’s likely a bull shark or maybe a tiger shark. It was the same one that bit several people. It’s going to be hard to find the exact one if they didn’t get it that day, there’s lots of good-sized sharks out there. I remember being down there when a record lemon shark got brought in, which is a type that almost never bites but it’s still really sobering to see what’s out there with you.
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