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  1. I think old man Rafa just died didn’t he? Guessing that has something to do with it.
  2. Traveling to California sucks. Does that help you? Wife is from there and each trip we’ve taken to visit her parent there gets shiftier and shittier.
  3. Think I read somewhere they got the chance to get the space next door so decided to expand the footprint and do a more upscale concept in the total space
  4. Listen to this man, he’s pre med. Been covered at length in this thread, but the BGE (without a conversion kit) is actually one of the WORST devices for making pizza. All the heat comes from below with none of the necessary heat from the top, because you have to open it and pizzas are meant to be cooked very hot and fast. Only thing worse that I can think of would be an open flame.
  5. You left the part out where you found the hottest girl in the room and told her “we’re all gonna die…might as well bang”
  6. Yeah, well, here's a thought...if they can't handle special order requests, maybe don't fucking offer it.
  7. If there's a special place in hell for people who check their order at the drive thru, there must be a really super duper special place in hell for the lazy incompetent moron who can't do the simple task they are being paid money to do who causes me to have to check my order at the drive thru. Or does your world not work that way? Might be part of the problem.
  8. Well, in fairness, that’s two completely different experiences. Kinda like comparing a Vegas resort to a boutique hotel. I mean, yeah they’re both hotels, and these are both Italian restaurants, but get past that and it’s pretty apples and oranges.
  9. Just out of curiosity...does one of your notes look something like this?
  10. Last 3 pizza orders were messed up for me. Dominos took 45 mins to show up after they notified me the order was out for delivery. Ice cold and one of the pizzas was wrong. Asked the delivery guy what took him so long and he said “no drivers”. Next was my local go-to which is always pretty solid. Asked for extra cheese and it showed up with no cheese. I called them on that one and made them send me a new one. Last one was Pizza Hut, they didn’t get the extra cheese or light sauce memo, “pepperoni lovers” had about 5 slices of pepperoni total, and they sent a brownie instead of wings. I get that these workers have a low level of give a fuck. But the flip side of that is that they’re not being asked to cure cancer here either. I mean, you’ve got one job. And it ain’t rocket surgery.
  11. Huh, we went and thought it was pretty damn good. First I’ve seen anyone not liking it.
  12. Whataburger thread got me thinking. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve gotten an order where at least something wasn’t messed up from anywhere below a sit-down restaurant with a waiter. Pizza, fast food, fast casual, chinese, tacos, pretty much everywhere that level, apparently the new bar is mediocrity. And sometimes that’s a stretch. I’ve had them remake my order a couple times, when it’s really egregious. But, usually I just let the screw-ups slide because it’s not worth going back for or waiting longer for or messing with. Clearly seems to be a new thing, at least to this extreme, since Covid. So, how’s that getting fixed? Or has all of America just settled on mediocrity being acceptable?
  13. This ^ And pick up a new liver or kidney too while you’re at it.
  14. Good to hear. Hoping the rest of the country gets that memo soon...because, most everyone else, at least where I live, still seems to be good with the bolded part.
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