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  1. On the Kirb is an option that I have used a few times this year. On the smaller side though.
  2. I thought I had posted this back in Sept/Oct but I guess I forgot. My wife's colleague shot this towards the end of the season in September. He was brand new to hunting a few years ago when we first went dove hunting.
  3. McDonald is already showing flashes of elite shit-talking. Hoping it works out for that dude.
  4. We got an ipad prior for a long flight around 4yo. Used it about a week later for a 4-5 hour car ride. One of us let the kid use it too often after that and it was a real bitch getting that hook out of her. Wish we had never bought it. I've got some nephews that are handed those things at every meal. The dinners are more relaxing for us when they have them, but those little dudes are different after getting that fix.
  5. I had done a really good job of forgetting about that piece of shit until recently.
  6. You see Bert in his Christmas suit today?
  7. It’s a shitty dilemma. Once you start getting into shooting 4 year olds, you become the neighbor that shoots everything before they can grow old. @hookemATL I also think that deer is 4.5. Definitely not younger, possibly 5.5 but probably not.
  8. Opened up fully about 2 weeks ago. It's awesome!
  9. Looks like we're getting the magic back!
  10. Zac Taylor maybe. His team was falling apart recently. Started with the ags as as a graduate assistant for several years. Married to Mike Sherman’s daughter, so he’s jizz jar adjacent. Couture guy and players coach. Low current salary.
  11. This sounds like a father that had a kid on the late side (also me) and wont stand for a mess. I should know, we can smell our own. Edited to add. Looks like you confirmed it later.
  12. Those guys are the ones that got their parents comfortable with understanding thick, foreign accents. That's where the value can be found.
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