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  1. Yeah I feel like part of this hire will be a promise on massive upgrades. I posted earlier but they need to make that Yeti stuff out in left field bigger and add a second deck to it....potentially extend it into left-center field some...make it 1st come 1st serve. Create some boxes like you and CTJ have down the left and right field lines that come with coolers, TVs, etc, and add some more luxury suites for corporate and BMD.
  2. That shoulda been strike 3 I feel.
  3. Kentucky just spent 49 million Arkansas did 27 million a few years ago Tech has a 42 million renovation planned Oklahoma St has invested 60 million Oregon has 25 million in renovations Florida has 65 million in renovations UCONN has 50 million, UCONN But hey we spent like 10 million 5 years ago!
  4. 3-1 What was the batyter thinking
  5. Do you think his mid inning interview he'll say Hook 'Em and throw the horns up?
  6. Our future pitching coach coming to the mound.
  7. If her teammates could field her passes she'd have more.
  8. I'm just grasping at straws at any positives for DT recruiting, sorry.
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