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  1. They also act like Sanders is a must have. If we’re to the point that he is, we’re fucked at that position.
  2. You should make that name and only pump sunshine lol Id enjoy that read and their reactions
  3. Born yesterday and we’re getting sent home today. Did well in all his test and even gained an oz.
  4. We’re doing delayed bath of 8+ hours so that will be this afternoon. We have a good long hour of skin to skin for him and momma
  5. 7/11/24 at 8:21am we welcome our boy into the world. He weighed 6 lbs 3 oz and 19 1/2 inches. You guys were right that moment they take them to the incubator thing before they start moving and breathing like normal seems like a fucking eternity.
  6. <Insert your recruiting board takes here dumb bitch>
  7. We’re at a 2-2.5 so they’re working on orders to start the Pitosin.
  8. https://www.kxan.com/news/local/austin/state-commission-could-give-landmark-status-for-historic-ut-austin-building-set-to-be-demolished/
  9. The cervidil didn’t work as they hoped and only softened a smidge. So they just switched to an every 4 hour medicine to continue that process and try to get to 2-4cm dilation and start pitosin.
  10. Midwest, flyover states, frigid temperatures, skyline chili. Eat shit dumb fuck.
  11. I didn’t think this place would be good because it looks like a gringo place but tried it because they had an Uber eats special. Got damn their asada naoch slams and goes hard. Been a fan ever since
  12. They started inducement process last night and administered cervidil to soften the cervix and I think they’ll start pitocin later this morning after the 12 hours of cervidil
  13. Night 1 down, the couch they have at this hospital isn’t bad. Not much sleep with all the medical equipment sounds and staff in and out all night but I pieced together 3-4 solid hours.
  14. They're going to go to grass....you don't want to be the only fucking team in your conference without it. The CWS is also a grass field so it makes no sense to not have grass and dirt.
  15. That's not an old man take, that's a stupid dumbass take.
  16. We go in tomorrow night at 8pm for inducement.
  17. Blake Munroe Moderators 1.9k Moderators Posted 2 hours ago Flip. Flip. Flip. + Portal SZN = Good stuff for Texas Baseball fans. A lot of action popped off this weekend for Jim Schlossnagle and his staff, as expected. That was fun, wasn't it? The Recap / Notes From The Weekend: - Texas hosted double digit recruits over the weekend, including a mixture of both portal prospects and high school recruits. It sounds like the majority of these were done on Saturday. - On Saturday the Longhorns pulled in two commitments, one from the portal and one from the high school ranks. Arizona State’s Ethan Mendoza was a missing piece to the puzzle for Texas and he will be looked at to shore up that middle infield at second base. The defense got even better when LHP Bryce Navarre, one of the state's best, flipped from Texas A&M. - Sunday was more of the same when OTF broke the news that Flower Mound's Adrian Rodriguez also flipped from Texas A&M to the Longhorns after taking in Austin Saturday through Sunday. Rodriguez is one of the best prospects in the state, regardless of position. While he's an elite shortstop, don't be surprised if he ends up at the hot corner. I'm told that he's an A+ player at either position. Rodriguez is also a switch hitter and ended his high school career with a .430 average at the plate. - If there was one negative from yesterday, it was the fact that Long Beach State pitcher Myles Patton committed to the Aggies late last night. Honestly, I was shocked, as I heard Texas was making waves in that recruitment. I was told from a couple of sources recently that it was basically a done deal. Kudos to Texas A&M for pulling that one off. That's a heck of a get. What Now? - Expect the Horns to really focus heavily on pitching prospects in the portal. They're looking at a variety of kids from the JUCO level all the way up to Power Four Conference pitchers, including from the SEC. - The fireworks will continue for Texas this week. They aren't done yet. - High school players committed to other schools still aren't safe, as Texas isn't done here either. - Once summer ball concludes for a lot of these high school commits, they'll work on visiting campus to meet the new staff face to face. I've spoken with a handful of them over the last few days and can say there's definitely excitement building. "Amazing" is a word that has been thrown around a lot.
  18. It's just wild that a 3rd of our appearances at the CWS result in playing for a title.
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