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  1. He lost in 2016 too. Let’s not lose sight of that. These dipshits have not won a popular election since Reagan.
  2. Lol good point. I’ve fucked up some recipes in my time by using hyperbole. If .5 tsp of baking powder is good, 1/3 tsp should do it. Although normally I do it in reverse.
  3. It's not entirely hyperbole. There are a "percentage" of that half that have zero critical thinking skills, and it's at least 30%.
  4. One kid from a family I grew up with died from eating some rat poison that was put out in their barn (this was in the 1960s).
  5. CSB the Texas deputy SOS until 2018 was a guy I went to high school with and was also a pastor. Coby Shorter III. From Eagle Lake - town of live oaks and trashy folks. He was a smart dude in high school but it went downhill from there - went to A&M and got appointed by Rick Perry. Abbott replaced him because he probably doesn't like black guys who went to aggie.
  6. If they are steel doors they could just be warped (thermal bow). Our front door gets direct late afternoon sun and warped in the last couple years since it’s been so fucking hot.
  7. Probably. Happened to a guy where I grew up too. He fell in and they couldn’t get the feed turned off before he was buried.
  8. Sure, my whole job is air and missile defense, it’s just crazy to see things working in real time.
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