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  1. Pretty sure if he keeps this up all game sans more interceptions, his draft stock goes up so much he doesn’t come back.
  2. I say we put up a topless statue of Clara Barton, and just keep it Barton Springs.
  3. Frankly between summer heat exhaustion, freezing to death in the winter when the grid goes down, starving because the SNAP program isn’t working and not being able to access Medicaid, I’m sure plenty of unborn babies are dying regardless. Oh yeah, check the stats, infant mortality rates are up over 10% after the ban. Good call, GQP!
  4. From NY Magazine: Unfortunately, Emily Post doesn’t cover what to do when the former president is a boorish insurrectionist.
  5. Use some discretion, asshole, and I won’t be looking at your wife that never, ever takes her pants off no matter how long I look!
  6. Asshole neighbors who keep their house lit up all night like a surgical unit.
  7. I’ve sold cattle smaller than that.
  8. My friend is much better at butchering than I am. Can turn this into that in a few minutes. I’d say I could hope to learn but I’m too old to learn that kind of skill, and use it.
  9. Just for fun here was the young man with his doe. Lung shot her, but helped his uncle track and drag her back up around 200 yards to the fence.
  10. My best buddy brought his 11yo nephew out to my place to take a doe, his first deer. We decided to make some lollipops for a pre-thanksgiving meal.
  11. Beautiful setting, and I appreciate the “hunt”. Still though, if I want some meat I can just walk outside and Kevin this guy upside the head with a Jack Daniels bottle and toss it in the recycling bin.
  12. I think there is something they’re putting into the tattoo ink that causes brain damage.
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