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  1. Ten Bears is wise man. I was so happy I managed to solve the untangling the chain puzzle, I paid no attention after that.
  2. Turkey (yes I spelled it that way, thanks) is a septic field between Europe and a shithole (or vice versa if you may) I don’t envy them at all, I wish they could just pick up and move.
  3. Yep, a Ryobi reciprocating saw and a 9” blade will do wonders if you don’t have a chainsaw handy.
  4. Not until we have our dressying and cranberriye. Go get your Burma shave.
  5. That was the hope, but hope in one hand and…
  6. Fun fact, the dad of my best childhood friend ran a laundromat/storage unit. My friend cleaned the laundromat in exchange for getting to keep any change or contraband he found. The coolest part of the deal was the laundromat had a Space Invaders game when it first came out. I don’t think I ever paid for a game personally. Also you don’t want to know what some people leave in their pockets.
  7. Ok was just clarifying. So yeah bar and chain use 30w, unless it’s really cold, then you can use thinner stuff.
  8. South Austin’s mom calls that a rabbit.
  9. Wait, I thought you were talking about bar and chain oil. If you’re talking about 2 stroke oil then NO, don’t use 10w-30. That said Home Depot had premixed 50-1 yesterday, but the chainsaw aisle was full of slack-jawed yokels milling in circles.
  10. It’s generally normal 10w 30. You can go buy a quart at autozone.
  11. Can’t make a rice sandwich, but hopefully he still makes it out alive.
  12. She is basically fitlump on a national scale. This timeline is truly terrifying.
  13. So you’re the guy who fucks up my porn searches with autocorrect.
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