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  1. Wasn't his dad a preacher and have a congregation in Stafford or something?
  2. So what i gather is that posting here, on some subjects, is a catch-22? UNCO.
  3. Death, due to old age/natural causes, can't get here fast enough for that last guy.
  4. https://www.utrgv.edu/_files/documents/feature/29982_washington_monthly_2022_rankings_flyer_v4.pdf ...not poking fun at UTRGV specifically just the absurdity of "Washington Monthly" and the lists in general.
  5. In China, the rise in prevalence has been notably rapid; about 12% of the adult population has diabetes [2], accounting for almost one quarter of cases worldwide [1] and representing a 10-fold increase over the last 3 to 4 decades.Jul 21, 2022 compare that to 8% of the U.S.
  6. Better than mango even!...better than 1000 melons!!! lmfao.
  7. We all know what you are doing as a fence doesn't hide that skunk smell emanating from your backyard, hoss.
  8. You are not an asshole for asking for what you asked for. He's the one asking for change and or infringing upon you. You made a proposal let him accept or counter. Being "neighborly" has little to do with this transaction. A developer's intent when they go in is primarily to make a profit. So, his motive, most likely, has little to do with being a good neighbor and more about selling the house. If i were him i wouldn't want to look at your ugly fence and might want some privacy. You know that so you are leveraging it. I don't have a problem with that. If the request had come from an actual neighbor who had been there some time, then I may feel differently about your approach being asshole-ish. I know it would bother me, every time i looked at my backyard, to see a new wooden fence on one side and old ass chain link on the other sides.
  9. until she was 8!!! The daughter discussing the matter at 1:42 seems creepy. Whats her handle here?
  10. The difference between the RG in New Mexico vs the version that Texas gets is vast. There are many parts of the river in NM that are grand, wide and deep. The use and damming in that state should be discussed more. The meager creek water that enters Texas then has hundreds of miles to go in the desert. Texas is a huge state. The river survives only by being fed by the convergence in Del Rio and other rivers down to Port Isabel.
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