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  1. For those that didn't see this documentary...its worth the watch. @1:20 thru 03:00 is all you need to know about how this case would go.
  2. So of you motherfuckers really like to hear yourselves talk, fuck me.
  3. Sure and there are guys who date women only for their great personalities.
  4. When your product is superior, your marking oftentimes can be supar and still demand a premium.
  5. Bobby and Gerry for the win. That said Bobby needs to hand off the graphics/logo/marketing to a better team. That "new" logo for OTF is shitty at best. He needs to modernize and not create a logo that is straight from the "give me phatt beat" video . IT by comparison looks great. Nahlin and his product sucks all around.
  6. It's spelled/pronounced sandwich not sangwitch.
  7. That is some kind of rear mirror if she is leaving on a plane....;)
  8. Sounds very 80's. Did not think this was still a thing. I must be immune. I understand if the destination is a small town but MX city?
  9. The train from Vancouver to Seattle was a nice ride. The train from Htown to L.A. seems like it would be an interesting take on Texas. From what i know it stops in Alpine, TX where you have just enough time to cross the street from the station to hit up Judy's Bread and Breakfast for some pastries.
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