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  1. Priscilla Presley in the recent Elvis movie was a huge disappointment.
  2. Let's not conflate NIL with the bag game. You can't blame aggie BMD and their fans. They know what people think of them and also that people laugh at them behind their backs. They get shit on in and out of state. They are more desperate to win today than in the Sherill era and are dropping bags to give them the best chance to do that. The ROI on actually winning a championship, at least in their mind, would mean legitimacy and a seat at the big boy table. Them seeing little consequence or loss of reputation, for dropping bags, within the SEC has them all in. Let's see how it works out for them. I have doubts.
  3. Yeah, especially as we enter into the SEC where it is expected. The irony that their fan base thinks we have a bag game is the hilarious part. There were times I wish we in fact had one. Hopefully NIL should alleviate most of this over the next few years, but as we have seen today it hasn't happened yet.
  4. The SEC logo at 15:00 was not big enough.
  5. Seeing Gary P getting in on recruiting Malik, 9:00, for Texas...
  6. Yeah, you're welcome here without the need to qualify the type of fan you are. There are other rules we follow here...the others can fill you in of your obligations.
  7. Same, i walked past Posse East and Double D's on the daily.
  8. Fucker needs to take his lumps like everyone else. I for one do not believe his story until he posts his paystub and nudes of his ex.
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