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  1. No kidding. A simple, "my bad, sorry about that!" would have probably diffused the situation.
  2. So this shit still hasn't been taken care of? Jesus. On the upside, he's probably about to be flush with insurance cash fixing all the roof damage from the ice storm. On the downside, he's going to be driving all over town racking up tolls.
  3. Shouldn't be hard without Mike Miles in the line-up. TCU is a completely different team without him.
  4. That seems like a great rule when there's a gigantic teacher shortage across the state.
  5. That makes more sense. I misread what you wrote and I thought it was a hilarious humblebrag.
  6. LOL. I wouldn't be a member of either organizations. What would you say is the dominant political affiliation of the LDS church and its member?
  7. Abbott enjoys watching Austin suffer. As long as he has power, he's laughing his ass off.
  8. It was a bit of a rhetorical question to demonstrate how the LDS church is a cult.
  9. WTF do you expect your city councilwoman to do? Come over to your house and personally restore the power?
  10. That seems shortsighted given the current circumstances.
  11. Name three schools with more success in the last decade on the field or court than A&M.
  12. royiv


    I've done online ordering pick-up where you reserve a certain time and it worked flawlessly.
  13. Cincinnati has some really pretty neighborhoods. Wife was offered a job there several years ago and we were both really surprised when we went to visit the city and look at houses. A lot of the old neighborhoods, like Indian Hills above, are built around the old village concept with each village having a little village center. We looked at some really nice houses in Indian Hills. Didn't end up taking the job, but we were pleasantly surprised by the city.
  14. royiv


    Tejas is great.
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