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  1. royiv


    You’re being intentionally obtuse and getting called out for it.
  2. royiv


    Why are you trying so hard to find a reason to defend her attackers and those that enabled them? In your newest scenario, is Nex now to blame if she snapped after being bullied for months?
  3. Arizona didn’t recognize MLK Day until the NFL stripped them of the 1993 Super Bowl.
  4. I also voted Gutierrez knowing that Allred will likely win. It was a bit of a protest vote for Allred pissing me off for going along with some of the GQP border stunts. I’ll obviously vote Allred in the general and if his relatively inconsequential bullshit is a play to rope in some of the Republicans that hate Cruz, then so be it.
  5. Molly stopped by my house a couple of weeks ago. I had met her before when she was running against Whitmire in the last election. She already had my vote, but really formed it up when we talked again. I see a ton of her yard signs in my neighborhood FWIW and not much from Litton. My wife and I voted this afternoon at the West Gray Multi-Service Center and Agwan was there and he was SUPER aggressive trying to get in our face. I always try to be polite to candidates and volunteers at polling places as I’ve done those volunteer shifts myself, but he took it to the next level and was screaming stuff as us even as we walked away and got to the entrance. It really rubbed me the wrong way. Based on that interaction, it demonstrated that he’s too immature to serve in Congress and, as you stated, Lizzie hasn’t done anything to warrant being replaced.
  6. royiv

    Dallas | Italian

    He was in Houston a month or two ago and I hadn’t heard of him until then. He seems like a nice enough guy with a message of supporting local businesses, but his actual reviews have almost zero substance.
  7. The results would say not that straight of a shooter.
  8. Grab a napkin to wipe that cop jizz off your chin.
  9. Ma’am, this is the Fuck the Police thread.
  10. I don’t disagree with the first sentence in the least, but let’s not pretend that one side is putting forth a guy who attempted a coup as its candidate for POTUS. I find that to be a problematically unique situation in the history of our nation.
  11. My will and my wife’s will both have provisions for what happens to our dog upon our death if one of us isn’t around to take care of him (or any other dog we may have in the future). It’s a pretty standard thing to have in a will as a pet owner.
  12. Let’s be honest, if you’re spending $200k on a grocery getter, money is not an object.
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