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  1. Roasting the CEO of Boeing gets bipartisan support in Washington. https://www.cnn.com/business/live-news/boeing-ceo-testify-senate/index.html
  2. royiv


    Baylor University and Baylor College of Medicine are unrelated entities.
  3. FWIW, Pappas lost their lease a year ago so there haven’t been any Pappas restaurants at Hobby since last May. I mainly fly UA so don’t normally use HOU, but it’s never really bothered me on the occasions that I’ve used, but I live in Houston so I’m in/out and it’s super easy from that perspective. I find airports like DEN, LAX, etc to be a much more miserable experience.
  4. Hobby? I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite airport, but I’ve never thought of it as being atrociously bad.
  5. The irony of this statement coming from the most self important poster on this board is rich.
  6. Keep the fucking guns out of the dog thread, asshole.
  7. Good excuse to sleep in and skip church. Also, WTF is Men’s Day? Do they bring in strippers and booze for the celebration?
  8. What did the miscreant steal? It’s got to be more than a Snickers bar if prosecution is a concern.
  9. Might want to install a zipper on her uterus.
  10. No net difference. What’s stopping anyone from cranking one out at their cubicle?
  11. The Space City Weather guys seem to think this one is going to get sucked more towards Mexico or South Texas.
  12. How did getting a deck company to advertise become the central business strategy of Surly?
  13. I like that the guy on the aisle is posing for the photo. And of course she has the fake service dog with her.
  14. I’m inclined to believe you over a crypto bro unless you are also a crypto bro.
  15. It will be built on the footprint of the Dobie parking garage and the adjacent parking lot to the east. University Christian Church (across the street on University Avenue) previously owned the parking lot and sold it to UT. Once the building is completed, University Christian will use the building’s garage for their congregation.
  16. It’s time for your nap, grandpa. Good. I hope this backfires horribly on these idiots.
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