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  1. This is becoming the most tired and unoriginal meme on the board.
  2. It's bizarre. It goes weeks or months with zero activity and then maybe there will be a truck or two on the lot for a day working on it. It feels like they work on it when they have money. I can't imagine what the property taxes are on it that they've been paying for years now with no revenue.
  3. @KCMasterpieceof appears to be a new iteration.
  4. Do you have kids yourself? The reason I ask is that my wife and I don't have kids and we experience this in some cases with friends that have kids. We've always just figured that people with kids start socializing with the parents of their kids friends. In other cases, we have friends that want to get away from their kids for a night and hang with us so they can have normal adult time. It's a bit of a mixed bag in our experience.
  5. One of the best parts of the block we live on is that it's very close knit and most of the neighbors all know each other and socialize. During COVID, my wife and I started hanging out in our driveway in the evening on Coleman camp chairs with a cocktail or glass of wine. This started a trend where other neighbors joined us for socially distanced drinks every weekend. Some nights we would have up to 20 adults plus some kids and dogs joining us. We haven't done it in over a year and we've had three new families move in recently so we're going to throw a formal block party this fall for everyone to get together again as a group and to include the new neighbors.
  6. He needs to start reading these before the lackey who writes it hits send. That’s awful.
  7. That touches on a pet peeve I have about curbside at my local HEB except it's the opposite direction. They only put 1-3 items in every plastic bag and the average is closer to 1 than it is to 3. It's a complete waste.
  8. He's someone who has posted disgusting, hateful things about marginalized members of our society on this board. I'm sure his church community is full of people who share his disgusting viewpoints. Take whatever he says with a gigantic grain of salt.
  9. What kind of company do you work for that they made you fly Spirit? When I was traveling for work, our travel policy prohibited the Frontiers and Spirits of the world.
  10. Cool. So you just let people with political power determine the destiny of your city/county/state/nation without a care in the world?
  11. No state income tax is a farce. My overall tax burden went up when I moved back to TX from AZ. Property taxes are a real bitch and thanks to Trump's tax "cuts" and the cap on the SALT deduction, it hits hard.
  12. I wonder if the deliberations will have an open bar.
  13. Unless he has help, and I'm guessing he doesn't if he's still wearing his green prison pants, I don't think he has access to a smartphone and/or the internet.
  14. Can't speak for others, but Buzbee is a well known asshole.
  15. Don't even get me started on how coddled the modern anus is.
  16. He dated Amber Heard. I'm sure there's much worse things he's been a part of.
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